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Mobile Minutes: Microsoft, mobile ad-spend, Verizon, responsive design

Microsoft?s profits slide on mobile, but its cloud flourishes
Microsoft?s new chief executive has said the two most important trends for the company?s future are mobile and cloud computing. But it is doing much better in cloud computing than in mobile.
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Mobile-ad spending leaps, but trails user growth
After less than a decade of existence, smartphones and tablets this year will draw more money from advertisers than the centuries-old newspaper industry or the nearly century-old radio sector, a sign of just how rapidly technology is transforming media habits.
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Verizon launching smart rewards loyalty program
Ever feel like you give give give to Verizon, and don't really get that much in return? That's ? hopefully ? about to change.
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12 tips for better responsive design
The future of email marketing lies in the ability to adapt to your surroundings. More than half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, a proportion that will continue grow in the years ahead. Meanwhile, at least 50% of your mobile audience will close or even delete an email that isn?t optimized for their viewing.
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