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Mobile Minutes: Drones, responsive design, Apple, Amazon

Drones to help find survivors through mobile phones
A new research project at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne(EFPL) is working on using drones to help locate survivors of natural disasters through their mobile phones on the ground.
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Is responsive design killing mobile?
Picture yourself at a work event. What are you wearing? What are you talking about? How loud are you talking? If you indulge at all, how much have you had to drink? Now picture yourself on a weekend trip with a group of friends.
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Apple turns its attention to books and radio with BookLamp, Swell buys
Apple looks to be bolstering its books and podcast offerings, with rumours of two acquisitions surfacing in recent days.
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Amazon?s cloud is growing so fast it?s scaring shareholders
Amazon has pulled off a pretty amazing trick over the past decade. It?s invented and then built a nearly $5 billion cloud computing business catering to fickle software developers and put the rest of the technology industry on the defensive. Big enterprise software companies such as IBM and HP and even Google are playing catchup, even as they acknowledge that cloud computing is the tech industry?s future.
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