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Mobile Minutes: Facebook Messenger, Rhapsody, restaurants, mobile advertising

Facebook moves all mobile chat to Messenger app
If you like to send messages via Facebook when you?re on the move, get ready to download a new app.
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Rhapsody teams with T-Mobile to battle music-streaming giants
Real Networks-backed Rhapsody, as it surpasses the 2 million-paid-subscriber mark, is planning an aggressive marketing push with T-Mobile that includes an all-you-can-eat, advertising-free music service for $3.99 a month, The Post has learned.
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Restaurant owners differ on merits of mobile tech
When was the last time you were held up by someone who couldn't take their eyes off their smartphone? If you work in the restaurant industry, it probably hasn't been long.
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The truth about mobile advertising? It?s a house of cards
Like last year and the year before that, 2014 has been dubbed the ?Year of Mobile? when ad dollars would start to catch up to smartphone usage. With major players like Facebook, Twitter and Google all pivoting to a mobile-first strategy, pundits claim this accelerated monetization as imminent. Unfortunately, there are fundamental hurdles inherent to the mobile ad ecosystem that must be cleared for this to become a reality.
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