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Mobile Minutes: app download battle, HBO, app design, Foursquare

Uber, Lyft and Airbnb are winning the app download battle
It?s no surprise sharing economy apps were downloaded the most in the U.S. in June for travel and transportation. It?s the fact that only a few of these apps are driving two-thirds of downloads that?s noteworthy.
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HBO weighs more Web-TV services overseas
Despite intense interest from consumers, HBO in the U.S. so far has no plans to offer an online version of its service to people who aren't pay-television subscribers. But overseas, HBO is taking a different tack.
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Lessons learned in app design for fast-growth markets
One of the typical mistakes developers make is thinking that because they?ve had success in one corner of the globe, they should be able to employ the same strategy to drive adoption elsewhere. The truth of the matter is apps that are wildly successful in the U.S., Europe and Japan often fail to gain substantial traction in areas like India, South America and the Middle East; these problems go well beyond simple translation issues and lack of cultural understanding.
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Foursquare?s makeover favors ads as check-in buzz fades
Foursquare Labs Inc., whose once-novel check-in application faded in popularity in the past five years, has crafted a plan to make more money by tying advertising to a smartphone?s location. Now comes the hard part: finding people to use it.
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