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Mobile Minutes: Square, Smaato, Facebook outage, enterprise apps

Square merges its mobile payments with food delivery by acquiring Caviar
Yesterday during a startup conferencewithin AlleyNYC focused on food industry innovators I was fascinated by an introduction to Caviar, a startup that delivers meals from high-end restaurants. Now consumers wishing to enjoy prepared dishes at home or in the office could choose gourmet as opposed to the quick delivery options offered by Seamless or GrubHub.
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Smaato, an exchange for mobile ads, raises $25 million
Anyone who regularly reads news or plays games on a mobile device has encountered advertisements in apps. Hidden behind those ads are companies that instantly match advertisers with publishers by using data about the readers.
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Mobile traffic dropped 8.5pc during Friday?s Facebook outage
Facebook?s 19-minute outage on Friday corresponded to a 3 percent drop in traffic at news sites, according to Chartbeat chief data scientist Josh Schwartz.
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Enterprise mobile apps pay the most yet attract few developers
A recent survey by Vision Mobile  found that just 16 percent of worldwide developers are building mobile apps for enterprises, despite this market being the most lucrative of all to serve.
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