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Mobile Minutes: Yo, mobile ready, schools, Facebook

An app like Yo could turn out to be bigger than Twitter
rFew apps in history have been as controversial and polarizing as Yo. Many people have called it the world's dumbest app.

Four ways to create a mobile-ready business?
Mobile networks and the devices that exploit them ? just as the Internet did in the 1990s ? are radically changing the way we interact with the world. Everything from how we buy from merchants, how we educate our students or how we entertain ourselves is moving to mobile platforms with stunning speed.

As more mobile computers pour into schools, some parents express concerns
?Pardon Shawnee Mission parent Malinda Sutton if she feels like a desperate gunner in the old ?Space Invaders? arcade game. She knows MacBooks and iPads by the thousands stand primed and loaded on pallets in a Shawnee Mission School District warehouse and teachers by the hundreds spent dozens of summertime hours in training sessions.

Last quarter, Facebook made $2.8 billion off our personal information. Starting this summer, the social network is letting us see exactly what pieces of our online identities it reveals to advertisers.