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Mobile Minutes: Venmo, messaging apps, mobile etailing, app saturation

Millennials say Venmo me to fuel mobile payment surge
First, they ditched land telephone lines. Then they cut the cable-TV cord. Now, millennials are chucking their checkbooks and cash.
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Messaging apps are shaping the mobile Web?s future with a strategy straight from the ?90s
Today, on the mobile web, we are back where we started. It?s possible to search for things, but the place is a mess. Uncovering hidden features of apps?or wading through app stores just to find apps?remains a challenge.
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Mobile etailing catches up in the UAE
Mobile shopping is coming into its own in the UAE. No, this is not the changing of expensive smartphones every few months that local residents have made a sport of, but the buying of consumer merchandise through ecommerce portals using a variety of mobile gadgets and apps.
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Smartphone users might be reaching app saturation
A new survey indicates the number of smartphone users who do not download any apps has jumped more than 10 percent in the past year to about a third of all users.
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