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Mobile Minutes: Uber banned in Germany; Ad tech sales; Customer data; Fliers seek compensation

Uber service banned across Germany by Frankfurt court
A court in Frankfurt has banned Uber?s most popular service from operating in the country until a hearing later this year on the legality of the product, which allows people to use their smartphones to book rides with freelance drivers.
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Ad tech companies are selling more ad tech
All online ad companies use technology, but not all online ad companies sell technology. Increasingly, though, they want to.
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New approaches to customer data can improve the effectiveness of marketing
We are entering an era of marketing where effectiveness will depend on creating highly personalized experiences at every touch point. To do this, marketers must have both the processes and tools needed to operationalize coherent views of prospects and customers.
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Fliers who bring their own devices to watch movies want compensation
Airlines that ask passengers to bring their own laptop computers, tablets or smartphones to watch in-flight movies and television should pass on the airline?s savings to fliers.
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