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Mobile Minutes: Online shopping on mobile; Facebook buys 100 patents; Web to app conversion; Daimler buys Uber rival

Online shopping on mobile overtakes desktop for first time in Britain
Figures show 52% of visits made via a mobile, while 36% of United Kingdom online sales are now completed on a smartphone or tablet. 
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Facebook buys 100 patents to spur virtual reality, video, speech
When it comes to inventing the future, Google is getting all the headlines these days over initiatives like self-driving cars ? but maybe it?s time to watch Facebook, too. The big social network lately has acquired at least 100 patents from other companies, relating to such hot areas as virtual reality, video, peer-to-peer printing and speech translation.
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Making the leap from Web to mobile apps easier
There?s a curious paradox at the heart of mobile apps: Most people don?t like to download them. But when they do, they spend nearly all of their time in them.
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Daimler acquires Uber rival
RideScoutDaimler is making a bet on the ride-sharing economy, a day after Germany slapped a country-wide ban on Uber Technologies.
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