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Perrier holds mobile party to reach millennials online, in stores

With mobile transforming both how consumers consume content and shop, Perrier is partnering with Tumblr, Blippar and Ibotta to integrate mobile branded content with in-store activations in a new campaign that launches next week. 

Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water?s new digital campaign, ?District Perrier,? pairs a central content hub on Tumblr with in-store engagement on mobile applications Blippar and Ibotta. Designed to reach younger, millennial audiences, the content as well as the partnerships are meant to reflect the brand?s experimental side and create a party destination that can be experienced digitally and in-store. 

?As the District Perrier media campaign is digitally focused, mobile will play a key role in the activation, including custom rich media mobile units to enhance engagement,? said Priya Shenoy, group marketing manager at Perrier

?Perrier will be utilizing two innovative mobile applications, Blippar and iBotta, to appeal to the younger consumer and drive in-store engagement,? she said.  

?Ibotta will give shoppers the opportunity to experiment with Perrier, unlock savings and  redeem rewards, while Blippar?s 3D augmented reality app will allow consumers to interact with exclusive District Perrier content by simply downloading the app and ?blipping? the Perrier bottle or District Perrier logo.?

Perrier is owned by Nestle Corp. 

Content hub
The content hub at will attempt to recreate the excitement of well-known nightlife hot spots from around the world. The content will include high-product mixology videos, style guides, DJ playlists and a serialized audio narrative. 

Visitors to the content hub are able to explore District Perrier through the eyes of hostess Perrier Madame. 

In-store engagement
Blippar, a mobile augmented reality and image recognition platform, will be used to drive in-store engagements.

Ibotta, which features District Perrier games to redeem rewards, will give shoppers the opportunity to experiment with the product and unlock savings.

?The Perrier campaign with Ibotta utilizes brand engagement to drive sales for particular Perrier products at key retail partners,? said Rich Donahue, vice president of marketing at Ibotta

?Ibotta creates brand engagement with it's users through strategic brand interaction methods including learning a fact about the product, taking a survey, and watching a video, among others,? he said. ?Ibotta users must complete these interactions to unlock the cash back rewards available to them upon purchase of the product which in turn creates brand loyalty.?
Consumers will also be able to follow along as the campaign unrolls via the hashtag #DistrictPerrier. 

Perrier has partnered with Ibotta for the campaign.

More brands have been appearing on Tumblr since the site launched video ads last year, with JCPenney and Unilever among the first (see story).

While brands are embracing mobile video on Tumblr and other social networks, not enough have been taking advantage of mobile?s ability to link brand-building content consumption with more performance-driven engagements closer to the point of purchase. 

This is what Perrier is trying to do with the District Perrier campaign and something more brands are likely to experiment with in 2015 as they shift more budget to mobile and look to justify the investment with quantifiable results. In-store apps will be a big part of the story. 

?With mobile usage so high, especially with our younger consumer base, we are looking to increase our focus on mobile this year,? Ms. Shenoy said. 

Final Take
Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Marketer, New York