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Minute Maid borrows from social news feeds to engage young parents

The Coca-Cola Co.?s Minute Maid brand is reminding parents of the things they do to make a positive difference in their lives with a mobile-centric campaign that leverages video, social media and a revamped Web site to connect with these mobile-savvy consumers. 

The ?Doin? Good? campaign, which launches this week, is built around a digital film showing real parents who have their feelings of inadequacy turned around after reading letters from their children. The newly redesigned mobile-optimized site serves as a digital hub for a variety of content presented in a news feed-like layout, including parenting stories from news outlets, user-generated content, product information, videos and the brand?s blog, The Good Minute. 

?With mobile we know real estate is precious and flexibility is key,? said Guy Duncan, group director of integrated marketing communications at The Coca-Cola Co. ?Mobile simply does not allow the visual real estate of desktop, meaning that we had to give far more thought to how we prioritized the presentation of the wider variety of content on our new site.  

?Therefore, our publishing mindset really drove the look and feel of the site,? he said. 

?We wanted to easily fit in to the existing online activities and conversations of our modern parents, so the Web site was very much designed to look social in nature.  The mix of content in that ?news feed? is an expanded offering of not only content created by Minute Maid, but also guest bloggers, curated content and eventually, User Generated Content from the social-sphere will be incorporated into that mix.?

Visitors to the new will find a wider array of easy-to-access product information. 

The brand?s blog, also available on the site, will feature original and curated content related to the #doingood social campaign.

The site feeds in images from Minute Maid?s Facebook page as posts from its Twitter page and posts on its blog and displays them inline with other content, in a colorful, well-designed and easy-to-read manner that includes strong photographs of families having fun. Users can click through to articles from publishers such as and Huffington Post.

The campaign is build around the insight that many parents admit to self-doubt about the parenting. With this is mind, Minute Maid wants to showcase the good in parents and families. 

?Our main goal is to champion the good in every family through the stories we tell,? Mr. Duncan said. ?We also are hoping to becoming a true resource to modern parents and families everywhere by letting them know they're doing better than they think, as well as providing them with useful content that they can use  -- tips, tricks and recipes and more.

?Knowing that storytelling was our focus, serving up a mobile experience that supports that was critical,? he said. ?We wanted to make our site easy to navigate and consume on any device.?

Fitting into the conversation
Putting a heavy focus on mobile is a smart idea because many parents have already embraced their smartphones as a vital tool for helping them manage their hectic schedules as well as balance their careers and families while still finding time to share their families? achievements on social media.  

By making mobile an important part of the program, Minute Maid hopes to insert itself into the conversations as parents use their devices to read about and discuss what is good about modern families. The goal is to reinforce the idea that parents are doing a better job than they think. 

In addition to the digital film, the campaign will also be featured in broadcast and digital ads and on social via the hashtag #doingood. 

The brand is also partnering with bloggers, Facebook, YouTube and a number of video seeding partners to help share the film. 

While Minute Maid does not have a reputation for pushing the envelope on mobile, its parent company Coca-Cola does. Throw in the insight that young parents are among the heaviest users of mobile and it makes a lot of sense that Minute Maid ? long a family-friendly brand ? would seek to burnish its mobile strategy. 

?We know that today?s multi-tasking parents, who are our primary audience, use mobile to manage nearly every aspect of their life, including staying in touch with family, friends and the world,? Mr. Duncan said. ?Like everyone else, we were seeing mobile access to our Web and social media sites steadily rise, especially those who were accessing the blog we launched in May of 2014. 

?As Minute Maid looked to ignite a positive change in the cultural conversations around parenting, we knew that we had to easily fit in to the environments where those discussions were taking place,? he said. ?That meant creating a mobile and socially driven campaign, as well as a Web site that would both support and promote those conversations.

?Additionally, mobile friendliness is now a Google ranking signal, which is another important factor in being able to participate in active conversations.?

Final Take
Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Marketer, New York