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Mobile Minutes: Spotify sprints ahead; Amazon?s mobile e-sport league; Sprinklr buys Postano; Fintech and bank jobs

Has Spotify won the music subscription wars? With a new deal for $1 billion in financing looming, the service is far, far ahead of rivals, with 30 million paid monthly subscribers to its offering of on-demand music for $9.99 monthly.

In the latest sign of just how big mobile is becoming in so-called e-sports, Inc.?s Twitch on Thursday said it is forming a league with the maker of ?Vainglory? centered on the touchscreen title ? its first involving a mobile game.

Ever wished your clever tweet could spread wider and faster? You might not have a large enough number of Twitter followers to achieve that on your own, but what if your post were shown on a popular website or at a crowded event?

Up to 30 percent of the current employees in the banking industry may lose their jobs to new technologies in the next 10 years, according to new projections from Citigroup.