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Dick?s Sporting Goods laces up Olympics content on mobile-optimized microsite

Dick?s Sporting Goods is the latest retailer to leverage the anticipation surrounding the upcoming Olympics, opting to roll out a mobile-optimized microsite where fans can browse Team USA members? profiles, receive updates on favorite athletes and track donation amounts to youth sports organizations.

The sportswear and accessories marketer is supplementing its ?Gold in US? Olympics campaign, which will include television, digital and social media activations, with a mobile-optimized site for tracking Team USA contenders. Dick?s Sporting Goods is hoping to tap into consumers? growing second-screen usage to provide enticing content leading up to and during the Games.

?There are very few moments that captivate everyone in America like the Olympics, and for that reason, we wanted to make every effort possible to show our support of Team USA and make our Olympics content available to consumers not only in our stores or when they see our ads on TV, but also online, on their mobile devices and on their social media channels while they are watching the Games,? said Ryan Eckel, vice president of brand marketing at Dick?s Sporting Goods.

Going for gold
Dick?s Sporting Goods? Olympics campaign centers on the notion that human bodies contain 0.2 milligrams of gold. The campaign seeks to showcase how seven U.S. athletes in the Olympics and Paralympics attempt to find their own gold.

The retailer will roll out a sixty-second TV spot, featuring U.S. Olympians such as Kerri Walsh-Jennings, Danell Levya and Laura Ryan, during the Opening Ceremony on August 5.

The brand will stay active on social media by uploading posts via the #goldinUS hashtag.

Dick?s Sporting Goods is also planning to donate $1,000 for each Olympics and Paralympics medal won by Team USA members to several youth sports organizations.

To make Olympics-centered content easily accessible for mobile users, Dick?s Sporting Goods is inviting fans to visit There, individuals can view the ?Gold in US? television spot, view an aggregator of Team USA members? social media posts and meet several Olympic contenders via mobile videos.

Additionally, the site provides regular updates regarding new athletes who have qualified to represent the United States at the Games.

Consumers can also track the donation amount accumulated for each of the four youth sports organizations selected by Dick?s Sporting Goods.

Complementary content
Dick?s Sporting Goods is well-positioned to keep its brand at the forefront of Olympics viewers? minds by rolling out complementary content that can be viewed on a mobile device.

For instance, if consumers are watching an Olympics competition on their televisions, they can scroll through the Contenders site for added engagement during commercial breaks.

Dick?s Sporting Goods is not the only brand undertaking this strategy.

Coca-Cola also joined the slew of marketers leveraging the excitement surrounding the summer Olympics by tapping global influencers to upload social media content defining their own meaningful successes and encouraging fans to join in the fun via the #ThatsGold hashtag (see story).

Meanwhile, the Coca-Cola Company?s vitaminwater brand capitalized on the anticipation by encouraging consumers to upload a photo or video of themselves trying something new onto social media for a chance to win a trip to Brazil (see story).

?As the largest U.S.-based, full-line omnichannel sporting goods retailer, we pride ourselves in ensuring that all of our owned channels transition seamlessly and fluidly, whether you are visiting our Web site on a computer or mobile device,? Mr. Eckel said. ?We approached the Contenders Web site in the same way.

?Knowing that many people watch the Olympics with a second screen nearby, we wanted consumers to be able to interact with the site in the same way, no matter the type of device they are viewing it on.?