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Mobile Minutes: Apple's call log; Alexa murder mystery; Google algorithm update; Hulu and Disney

Apple keeps constant log of iPhone calls in iCloud, warns cop contractor
Apple has a hidden feature for you in its iPhones: call logs going back as far as four months are stored in near real-time in the iCloud. 

When police responded to a home in Bentonville, Ark., one Sunday morning last November, they discovered Victor Collins's dead body in the backyard. Police records describe a grim scene: Collins's body was floating face up in a hot tub, and his left eye and lips dark and swollen.

A white supremacist site no longer leads Google search results for a specific Holocaust-related query following an update to the search engine?s algorithm. 

Hulu continues to bolster its growing online profile with a new exclusive deal for a library of Disney films including Mulan and Pocahontas.