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Mobile Minutes: Galazy S7 camera issues; Facebook?s Safety Check; AT&T's DirectTV Now promotion; Tesla crash detector

Galaxy S7 has a serious new camera problem
Several Galaxy S7 owners seem to be suffering from spontaneously shattering camera lenses.
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Facebook?s safety check, now automated, turns a firecracker into an explosion
Since 2014, Facebook?s Safety Check feature has allowed people in areas stricken by natural disasters and terror attacks to swiftly tell their friends that they?re unharmed. On Tuesday, it was activated for ?The Explosion in Bangkok, Thailand.?
If you've been waiting to test out DirecTV Now, the new online video service from AT&T, you might want to act soon.
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Tesla Autopilot Appears To Predict Crash Moments Before It Happens
A Tesla car appears to have successfully used its Autopilot feature to predict a car crash moments before it happened, according to dashcam footage released this week.