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Mobile Minutes: Lyft rides triple; Invincible tech Giants; Advertisers and Netflix; Donald Trump stock tweets app

Lyft rides tripled last year, but remains far behind Uber
One year ago, Lyft brought in $1 billion in new investment from the likes of General Motors. The money was supposed to help Lyft ramp up its growth and compete with Uber--and it appears to have done just that.
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Tech giants seem invincible. That worries lawmakers
In the technology industry, the sharks have never long been safe from the minnows. Over much of the last 40 years, the biggest players in tech ? from IBM to Hewlett-Packard to Cisco to Yahoo ? were eventually outmaneuvered by start-ups that came out of nowhere.
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Barry Diller: Advertisers, embrace Netflix world
Advertisers and marketers should welcome content companies' move to deliver TV, music and news directly to consumers over the Net, media executive Barry Diller said here Thursday.
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This app sends alerts when Donald Trump tweets about stocks you own
As much as it pains us to say this, Donald Trump?s tweets have global impact.  And when the president-elect tweets about public companies ? companies you may well have stock in ? a finance app called Trigger wants to tell you about it. 
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