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ReachMD targets medical professionals wth iPhone app

ReachMD, a multimedia provider of advanced healthcare education and information, has launched the "MedicalRadio" iPhone application to reach medical professionals and clinicians.

ReachMD's MedicalRadio application delivers medical peer-to-peer content via 15-minute programs covering a topics for both clinicians and medical professionals. All of the same programming available on the MedicalRadio application is broadcasted to a live stream on ReachMD's XM satellite radio channel XM 160.

"Our strategy is to continue to offer physicians and all other healthcare professionals access to the best and most convenient medical education, information and communication including our CME (Continuing Medical Education) for credits," said Gary Epstein, CEO of ReachMD, Northbrook, IL.

"This new application allows our audience to listen to all of our programming and get the ReachMD XM 160 channel live for free on their iPhone," he said.

The application also includes several notable features, such as access to more than 5,000 searchable podcasts featuring medical information, conversation and education.

ReachMD's 90,000 plus clinicians and physicians now also have the opportunity to listen to the multichannel media platform's popular Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Education courses free of charge.

Also, they can then take the CME/CE exam directly on the iPhone for accreditation via the advanced MedicalRadio application.

To date, ReachMD's former CME app has received more than 60,000 downloads.

Sponsors purchase integrated packages on ReachMD that often include advertising on the air, online and on the iPhone.

These are audio ads. The company is looking at adding banner ads on the iPhone device itself as well.

"The app provides access to an even greater number of healthcare professionals that do not have access because they do not have an XM Subscription," Mr. Epstein said. "Now they can get our XM radio channel for free without an XM subscription on their mobile iPhone.

Also, it allows medical professionals with specific interests or needs (a specialty perhaps) to establish a profile and have the programming of the greatest interest to them pushed to them.

The search function will also allow very easy search by topic, specialty, physician or guest name, etc.

This new functionality joins the company's previous Web site capability that allowed listeners to stream our XM radio channel for free on ReachMD's site through mobile broadband, Wi-Fi or wired networks.

"Mobile apps will continue to expand for medical professionals," Mr. Epstein said. "We believe that our ReachMD app is both first and best in terms of offering physicians what they need -- a convenient and easy way to stay current and a customized way to get the information they want and need to improve patient care."