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AccuWeather debuts mobile site content in 33 languages has launched new languages for its global mobile Web site for a total of 33 translations, including three dialects of Chinese, three dialects of Spanish, two dialects of Portuguese and two dialects of English.

The mobile Web site provides a wide range of forecasts and indices for locations all over the world. Until now, it has provided them only in English.

"The strategy here is to continue to make mobile content and products available globally in a format that is the most user-friendly," said David Mitchell, director of wireless services at AccuWeather, State College, PA.

"As users discover the mobile site they will be more likely to return if they can get local forecast information in their native language."

AccuWeather is an American media company that provides ad-supported weather forecasting services worldwide.

The new range of languages on the mobile Web site includes: Arabic, Danish, Hungarian, Brazilian,
Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, English, Japanese, Chinese-Hong Kong, English-UK, Korean, Chinese-Simplified, Finish, Norwegian, Chinese-Taiwan, French, Polish, Czech, French Canadian , Portuguese, German , Spanish-Argentinean, Romanian, Greek, Spanish-Latin, Russian, Hebrew, Swedish, Slovak, Hindi and Turkish.

Free content available on the mobile Web site includes exclusive 15-day forecasts, current conditions, hour-by-hour forecasts for up to 48 hours, satellite images and the ability to store up to 10 locations.

The site supports both English and metric units.

"The implementation of these new languages and dialects allows us to further grow our linking relationships with other publishers and device manufacturers by allowing the links to go directly to the desired content in the language that they are already using on their site or device," Mr. Mitchell said.

"This creates a seamless process for the users," he said. "It also increases interest in linking to our mobile site by carriers or content aggregators."

Besides the mobile site, also has an iPhone application, which it launched in December. The application is location-aware and ad-supported.

In addition to including an array of weather forecast information, the free application offers weather alarms and health indices. The application is supported by mobile banner and video advertising.

AccuWeather has a BlackBerry application as well.

"Even though English is quite prevalent globally there are obviously millions of individuals that do not speak it or read it well enough to use a Web site written in English," Mr. Mitchell said. "The launch of these language and dialects allows more users to utilize our site and obtain the weather information that is important them."