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TextsFromLastNight gets back to basics with mobile app

Ultra-popular Web site, has launched an application to bring the site and its content back to their roots: mobile.

The application gives users all the same functionalities that are available on the online site with the added convenience of mobile. The application was created for the iPhone, iPod touch and BlackBerry, with an added social networking capability compatible with Facebook and Twitter.

"We wanted to create an app that actually feels like you're browsing through text messages -- really good ones," said Ben Bator, cofounder of, Detroit, MI.

"Both our iPhone and BlackBerry app work much more smoothly than viewing through a mobile browser," he said. "Our strategy going forward is to continue to create robust and useful applications that enhance the experience of visiting on mobile devices." is a message-board-type Web site based on user generated content, all focused on the SMS evidence of last night's shenanigans.'s sole advertiser is American Apparel.

"Texts From Last Night resonates with 21-35 year olds who are in college or college educated, somewhat employed and still somehow wake up blindingly hung-over wondering what's lingering in their outbox from the night before," Mr. Bator said.

"Both of our apps were built to be discreet enough to use at work, as long as you can hide your laughter from coworkers," he said.

The TFLN application gives users access to content and the ability to browse through hilarious text messages from most recent to least.

In the Featured section of the application, users can choose to read from today, this week, this month or all time in either the Best Nights or Worst Nights categories.

From any entry, users can click to comment and vote on whether or not the text message fits into the Best Nights or Worst Nights category.

Users can also post their favorite entries to their Facebook or Twitter directly from the application, and add them to their favorites list.

The TFLN application also has a Submit feature, where users can post their ridiculous texts from last night to the Web site from the application.

Since the iPhone and BlackBerry phones all have a cut, copy and paste feature, users can submit texts verbatim from their outbox.

The application is downloadable from the Apple App Store or BlackBerry's App World for $0.99.

Both applications are being promoted on Twitter and Facebook.

"Mobile is a fantastic platform for TFLN because our content lives in the mobile environment," Mr. Bator said. "It is easy to share our content on mobile devices because of how short each post is.

"Texts From Last Night started by people sending their mobile content to a Web-based site, so it's only right to bring the content back to mobile devices," he said.