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Wonder Bread takes a bite out of mobile

Wonder Bread, one of the most iconic bread brands in America, has gone mobile with the Sandwich Wonder-izer, a new iPhone application.

Within the application consumers can create sandwiches by combining a variety of items from a list of 120 ingredients. The application was designed to help promote Wonder Bread?s mission of encouraging consumers to make nutritious choices.

?As our culture becomes increasingly mobile we believe people are looking for tools that can be both entertaining and educational,? said Stephany Verstraete, vice president of marketing at Wonder Bread, Dallas. ?The Sandwich Wonder-izer app is a fun and engaging tool that families can use to learn about making healthy food choices while creating delicious, nutritious sandwiches.

?The opportunity to create an app is a logical evolution of our current digital strategy and allows us to connect in a relevant way with today's consumers,? she said. ?Specifically, we know that moms struggle to balance giving their families the nutrition they need with the food they like to eat. 

?As we continue to introduce new products that help make achieving this balance a little easier, we also wanted to provide moms with tools that will help them.?

Wonder Bread is a line of bread products produced by Hostess Brands Inc. in the United States.

A mobile wonder
Ms. Verstraete said the Web version of the Wonder-izer is a great way for a mom to get sandwich ideas that meet her nutritional needs and the iPhone version can create a fun way for her to teach her kids about making healthy choices.

The application lets consumers calculate the sandwich?s nutritional value in real time as they add and subtract ingredients.

Wonder Bread made the application so it shows consumers how close they come to fulfilling the daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals. 

Sandwiches created with the Sandwich Wonder-izer application can be named and shared with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to creating new sandwiches, the Sandwich Wonder-izer applcation also offers a menu of pre-made sandwich recipes including the "Wonder-full Reuben" and the diet friendly "Waistline Watcher.?

Growing with mobile
The application is not targeted to a specific demographic, Ms. Verstraete said Wonder Bread is a brand that people enjoy across generations and the application will appeal to anyone looking to make healthy choices.

Wonder Bread is currently evaluating sponsorship opportunities for the application that may see it partner with other companies or with specific retailers during key times of the year, such as back-to-school this fall.

?Wonder's been an American staple for almost 90 years and over that history the brand has evolved to address changing times,? Ms. Verstraete said. ?People say, ?the more things change, the more they stay the same,? and the sandwich is a perfect example as America's preferred lunch on the go.

?The iPhone app breathes new life into this age-old concept,? she said.