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NBC celebrates anniversary of JFK's election to presidency with iPad app

NBC News and The Perseus Books Group have debuted JFK: 50 Days?an iPad application commemorating the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's election to the presidency.

The application pairs narrative text with rare video from the NBC News Archives in an interactive format, featuring a video introduction by David Gregory, moderator of NBC?s ?Meet the Press.? Created as a companion to the print book, ?JFK: Day by Day? by historian Terry Golway and author Les Krantz, the JFK: 50 Days application takes an intimate look at 50 select moments from the Kennedy presidency.

?For the last year or so, we have been looking to team up with publishers interested in enhancing their ebooks with our archival content,? said Cheryl Gould, senior vice president of NBC News, New York.

?In this first collaboration with Perseus, we launched a new kind of book app that combines selected parts of a text-based book with relevant historical video,? she said. ?The possibilities going forward with publishers and even self-published apps are endless.

?We think this will become a significant way for readers to enjoy content in a multi-media way that takes advantage of our rich archives.

In honor of...
NBC News partnered with Perseus Books for this project. Perseus, in turn, worked with Vook for the technical part of creating the application. 

The application honors the former president through illuminating photos from the John F. Kennedy

Presidential Library and over 35 video clips retrieved by NBC researchers from NBC News? extensive Archives.

Some of this footage is so rare, it has not been seen since first airing 50 years ago.

This rare footage includes history-defining speeches, personal Kennedy family moments, the first presidential press conference broadcast live on television and revealing outtakes from Kennedy's last extended TV interview with the "Huntley-Brinkley Report.?

The NBC News Archives stretch back over 75 years and include high-quality radio, sports, entertainment, nature, lifestyle and TV news content.

JFK: 50 Days was made available in the Apple App store Nov. 15.

The application made its TV debut on NBC?s ?TODAY? show.

?The target demographic for this particular app is all people interested in modern history, JFK and Jackie fans, presidential historians,  boomers, students, educators, early iPad adopters, and the entire reading public,? Ms. Gould said.

?Both NBC News and Perseus are getting the word out to as many general and trade publications and Web sites as possible,? she said. ?Here at NBC News, our Today Show anchors demonstrated the app during a segment that tied the app's release to the 50th anniversary of JFK being elected to office. 

?We are reaching our audience on, other sections of, numerous twitter and Facebook feeds, YouTube and viral marketing. David Gregory, moderator of Meet the Press, who introduces several of the videos on the app, has tweeted about it as well.?

Dan Butcher reported for this story.

Final take
Here is a video that NBC created to introduce the application