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Allstate campaign generates more than 2,000 live video streams via mobile

An Allstate mobile social campaign to promote the brand?s football sponsorship saw more than 2,000 mobile users stream a live Cee Lo Green concert via iOS.

One50one was tapped by Allstate to produce online social content for activities leading up to the Allstate BCS Championship game on Jan. 9 using a digital, social and mobile strategy. Mobile alerts tied the social media and digital components of the campaign together by sending new content updates and encouraging fans to participate on social media.

?Allstate?s social fan base is largely made up of its customers, and we honed in on their mobile-tendencies to deliver our product right to their fingertips,? said Troy Brown, president and CEO of one50one. ?In addition, both Allstate and Cee Lo Green already have a strong presence on social networks.

?More than a third of all social-media users in the U.S. access social networks on their phones ? in order to reach the audience, you have to be where the audience is,? he said.

?Mobile essentially converged the digital and the social components of the Allstate campaign, and made them accessible anytime, anywhere. The digital ? being the pre-concert videos and the live-stream of the Cee Lo Green concert ? and the social ? access to the Allstate Fan Fest Facebook tab and #AllstateFanFest Tweet chat, were both accessible via mobile phone.?

Making sharing easy
The goals for the campaign were to encourage fans to tune in during the live-stream of a Cee Lo Green concert on the Allstate Facebook page on Jan. 6.and encourage fans to participate in Allstate?s Tweet chat during the BCS Championship game.

Each component of the campaign featured a mobile opt-in for fans to receive alerts about the concert and upcoming events.

Fans received mobile alerts surrounding the Championship game including Cee Lo Green live-concert updates; links to the concerts? live-stream formatted for mobile viewing, hashtag alerts for #AllstateFanFest Tweet chats and live updates during the BCS Championship game.

Consumers who opted-in for mobile alerts during the Allstate Fan Fest campaign will continue to receive messages leading up to the Super Bowl.

One50one created custom apps on the Allstate Fan Fest Facebook page that included a countdown to the concert and an official Facebook streaming page for the concert. It also created a Fanfest VIP mobile opt-in page.

?More than 50 percent of college students own a smartphone that is capable of transmitting a large amount of data, such as photos and video,? Mr. Brown said. ?Cell phones are like technological appendages to younger generations ? so much of their attention is focused on what data is being transmitted at any given moment.

?It?s also easy for anyone watching a game, whether live or on TV, to send a text to a friend, update a status on Facebook, or tweet about a concert,? he said. ?We dove into this space knowing that if we could get our content in front of our audience, that they?d share it ? mobile makes sharing easy.?

Entertaining extension
The effort also included original video content for social ad campaigns and promotion.

The campaign generated more than 16 million impressions for the Facebook ads, more than 13 million impressions for the Facebook page and more than 20 million impressions for the Twitter page.

A total of 80,000 fans tuned in on computers and mobile devices for the live-stream of the Cee Lo Green concert.

This is not the first time Allstate used mobile as part of a college football initiative. Last year, Allstate held a 60 Seconds of Mayhem sweepstakes, a text-to-win sweepstakes that consumers entered by texting codes to a short code at college football games.

?In so many ways, mobile is not just an option anymore ? it?s an inherent component in many lives,? Mr. Brown said. ?Allstate?s users rely on its many roadside mobile applications.

?The BCS Fan Fest and Cee Lo Green concert are simply an entertaining extension of the mobile space they already occupy,? he said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York