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Springer Mountain Farms? mobile strategy grows into key CRM foundation

Springer Mountain Farms is building on its mobile strategy with a new site that focuses on weekly specials and new marketing campaigns as it looks to build a strong mobile loyalty program.

The new Springer Mountain Farms mobile site focuses on alerting consumers to weekly deals and sales on its poultry products found at retail locations where the products are sold. The goals of these efforts is to drive sales for the company?s poultry products while simultaneously building a mobile opt-in database that can be leveraged in future marketing efforts.

?Mobile is a major element of Springer Mountain Farms CRM programs ? it empowers the company to continually engage with its customers on an opt-in basis,? said Doug Stovall, senior vice president of sales and client services at Hipcricket, Seattle, WA.

?The success of these efforts led Springer Mountain Farms to expand its mobile offerings, including the new site featuring weekly specials,? he said.

?This initiative is about Springer Mountain Farms furthering mobile as the key foundation of its CRM strategy, by creating ongoing opportunities for re-engagement and re-marketing with customers.?

Easily measured relationships
Springer Mountain Farm is partnering with Hipcricket for its mobile marketing strategy.

Springer Mountain Farms has run mobile programs with Hipcricket in the past, including contests, rebate campaigns and earlier iterations of its mobile Web site.

Mobile make sense as a way to drive awareness of deals and sale because smartphone owners are increasingly using their devices to redeem mobile coupons and engage with brands who provide compelling content.

?For marketers, mobile empowers them to engage with consumers before, during and after purchase to help build deeper, ongoing relationships, in a way that is easily measured,? Mr. Stovall said.

The mobile site will be promoted with rebate codes on product packaging that consumers can retrieve via an online form.

Multiple ways to engage
Springer Mountain Farms has also partnered with a local minor league baseball team for a text-to-win campaign. The campaign will focus on driving excitement and consumer engagement while also encouraging game attendees to opt-in to receive future communications from the brand.

Home game attendees will be prompted to text "chicken" to 30333 to win a prize. The 50th person to text will receive a prize from Springer Mountain Farm.

The mobile strategy offers multiple means of engagement to insure a wide group of mobile users is able to interact with the company.

Springer Mountain Farms sells 100 percent all-natural chicken to grocery stores and supermarkets.

?Consumers are rarely more than a few feet away from their mobile phone and many are using their devices to plan store trips, look for coupons and interact with brands,? Mr. Stovall said.

?By engaging consumers through multiple mobile channels, Springer Farms can stay top of mind and encourage brand loyalty through ongoing offers and promotions. Mobile is the ideal medium for this sort of re-marketing.?

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York