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Pivotal Veracity expands email tracking services to customer level

Pivotal Veracity has launched MailboxIQ, giving marketers customer-level tracking of email deliverability across mobile software-based email platforms.

The new technology was launched on Sept. 9 and beta-testers include American Express, Apple, Nestlé, Oracle and Progressive. MailboxIQ gives marketers tools to improve relevancy and the return on investment of their campaigns by providing intelligence into where and how customers are engaging with the email communications.

?Getting accurate insight into deliverability has been notoriously difficult and complex, and until now, marketers have had to rely on bounce codes and seed lists to get ? at best ? a directional understanding of what really happens to their campaigns after they?re deployed into the Internet stratosphere,? said Deirdre Baird, founder/CEO of Pivotal Veracity, Phoenix.

?As consumers have increasingly adopted mobile phones, marketers have lacked insight into which of their emails are being read on mobile phones,? she said.

?MailboxIQ provides mailers with a mobile email sniffer that tells them what emails are being read on mobile phones, which phones and which customers are using them.?

Pivotal Veracity is an independent email delivery auditing and optimization company for large enterprises.

MailboxIQ is meant to help marketers address three key challenges: multiplatform email portability, the social Web and inbox deliverability.

The technology lets marketers identify when consumers receive a message and which mobile device consumers are using to read email, whether they are accessing Gmail or Outlook or using an iPhone or BlackBerry.

With MailboxIQ, marketers can trace when and where subscribers are posting their email promotions on their personal sites like Twitter and Facebook. It also identifies social influence through usage of the forward button.

Pivotal Veracity estimates 20 percent of emails fail to reach individuals? inboxes because of spam filters, but now marketers can track real deliverability to recipients on an individual level.

?MailboxIQ is the first solution to identify the folder disposition of the sender?s real emails to their real customers and feeds this information back to the mailer at the customer level, giving mailers the most accurate and comprehensive tracking of deliverability ever,? Ms. Baird said.

By operating at the individual-level, MailboxIQ gives senders the ability to identify which emails are being actively moved by their customers to personal folders, trash folders or spam folders and also identifies other critical reputation metrics such as which customers add the sender to their address books.

To implement MailboxIQ, senders insert a single-tracking ID into their emails. Results are accessed through a secure online portal that provides monitoring and measurement tools.

With MailboxIQ, Pivotal Veracity is targeting multiplatform marketers in the business-to-consumer, business-to-business and nonprofit sectors.

?The definition of deliverability is fundamentally changing,? Ms. Baird said. ?It?s no longer just about tracing the paths of messages from sender to recipient.

?Today it?s about understanding and optimizing them along the entire chain, from sender to recipient to other recipients,? she said. ?MailboxIQ is the first and only technology to provide this level of insight.?