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Red Bull elevates mobile strategy with retail promotion using SMS, QR codes, gaming

Red Bull?s mobile strategy flies to new heights with an on-pack promotion that leverages SMS, QR codes and a mobile game to drive entries for a homemade flying machine competition.

The limited edition Red Bull Flugtag four-pack is on store shelves and features a QR code and a call-to-action for downloading the Red Bull Flugtag mobile game. The grand-prize winner from the game will be sent to the National Red Bull Flugtag event to watch his or her craft fly.

?We received more than 1,200 applications, representing every state in the U.S., for the National Red Bull Flugtag events taking place in Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Long Beach and Miami on September 21, so we wanted to create an additional way to not only engage our fans in the Red Bull Flugtag fun, but provide a last chance to fly in one of the events by winning the mobile game,? said Patrice Radden, a spokeswoman at Red Bull, Santa Monica.

?The mobile game allows everyone to be a part of the biggest splash in aviation history,? she said.

?The text-in and QR code make for a quick and seamless way for our fans to access the game most immediately on any device of their choosing, with no downloading required.?

Virtual aircraft
Shoppers in grocery, mass, drug, convenience and dollar stores purchasing a four-pack of Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Sugarfree and Red Bull Total Zero varieties will be able to text a keyword to a short code appearing on the packaging to receive a link to the game. Alternatively, users can scan the QR code to be taken directly to the game.

The mobile game enables aspiring aviators to design and fly a personalized craft. Players will be judged on distance flown and creativity, with the winner being sent to the Red Bull Flugtag event in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Users can fly a default craft in the game or create a customizable one, choosing their cockpit, propeller, wings and a tail. Users can also add details such as facial hair, mustaches, hats and neckpieces.

Users then choose their preferred city backdrop. As the virtual aircraft take flight, they will encounter flying objects reflective of each city. In Chicago, flyers will encounter pizza, hot dogs, bear heads, snowflakes and baseballs. In Long Beach, flyers will encounter surfboards, palm fronds, sharks, beach balls and convertibles.

Each team?s captain can upload the team?s Facebook profile picture or a new picture as well as share progress with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Driving buzz
The contest runs through Aug. 25 and is being promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

The game can be played on mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

The annual Red Bull Flugtag competition has been taking place for 12 years.

?The grand-prize winner from the game - based on distance flown and creativity - will have their craft made by Red Bull and the winner will fly it in the National Red Bull Flugtag event in Dallas/Ft. Worth, so mobile is definitely a big part in creating additional buzz and engagement with the National Red Bull Flugtag events via an important platform consumers interact with every day as well as on their desktops and tablets,? Ms. Radden said.

?Those playing on their mobile phones can play right at point-of-purchase and with friends,? she said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York