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Xenergy drives engagement with gamification, UFC tie-in

Xyience, a Las Vegas-based maker of sports nutrition products, said the company is seeing an 80-percent completion rate on the video portion of the campaign with a click-through rate of 3.5 percent. In the memory game, which includes a tie-in with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), users are spending an average of 140 seconds on the game. 

?Our audience is men and women in the 18 to 34 age range, so we expected a great deal of interaction to happen on mobile devices,? said Aimee Wenske, brand and social media manager for Xyience. ?In fact, the campaign has been shared hundreds of times to mobile and social media.?

It is Xyience?s first effort at gamification, and Xenergy is the first energy-drink brand to launch an interactive ad campaign using technology from blurbIQ. The campaign began in June and will run through October via LiveRail. 

High engagement
The results to-date, with 2.6 million impressions so far, have been well above industry benchmarks, Ms. Wenske said. She cited an interaction rate of 71 percent on the video portion of the campaign. 

Users are spending over 45 seconds viewing the ad, which has only 30 seconds of video, she said.

The interactive video asks a question with three possible responses overlaid on the video under the headline, ?What do you need to succeed?? Based on the answer selected, the relevant Xenergy beverage is recommended to the viewer at the end of the video.

The viewer can then share the video to Facebook from any device in a way that renders appropriately across desktop, tablet and mobile.

?BurbIQ?s technology allowed Xyience to create a really unique approach to interaction and engagement that?s multi-platform,? Ms. Wenske said. ?The feedback has been extremely positive, with people commenting on our social media about how cool and fun our new ads are.?

The memory game uses pictures of UFC athletes and Xenergy products on a grid in which players must select matching pairs hidden behind Xyience logos. The athletes include Dan Hardy, Mark Munoz and Ronda Rousey.Xenergy is the official energy drink of the UFC. 

?The energy drink category is very competitive, and we needed a way to cut through the clutter and noise,? Ms. Wenske said. ?As an active lifestyle brand, it was important that the campaign be fun but also raise awareness of our brand?s functional attributes.?

The campaign has been so successful that Xyience is considering new interactive efforts and adapting the campaign as part of the company?s trade show exhibits. 

?The success we?ve experienced with this campaign has our entire team thinking, ?what?s next??? Ms. Wenske said. ?We?re currently working on new interactive efforts that will help us to broaden our reach as an active lifestyle brand while engaging our social community.

?With respect to our current campaign, we?re working with blurbIQ to integrate this campaign into physical realm by introducing these unique units as a part of our industry tradeshow exhibits.?

Final Take

Mark Hamstra is content director at Mobile Marketer, New York