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The Walking Dead makes trading card debut on mobile

AMC?s The Walking Dead and its prequel series Fear the Walking Dead are providing super fans with a digital marketplace to collect trading cards based on the series via a mobile application, building on their significant followings. 

The cult favorite series is amplifying its popularity through an app that provides users with a place to purchase, collect and trade cards featuring various characters from the show. The app helps facilitate continued engagement in between seasons, generating sustainable hype and excitement. 

?The app is a great way to keep fans engaged with the show between seasons and build hype for events such as season premieres and finales,? said Ian Hundiak, senior app producer at Topps Digital, the developer of the app. ?It also gives fans a way to celebrate their favorite characters and moments in a powerful, shareable way.?

Walking on mobile
Users on the app can collect and trade cards with their favorite The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead characters. Fans sign up with a Walking Dead-related name or their email and immediately receive five complimentary cards. 

Players can trade other users for specific cards by looking at another individual?s collection and double-tapping one that they are interested in receiving. After that, users select the card they are willing to trade for, the other player will be notified and decide if they are interested in the trade. 

For instance, users can go to All Awards to view the available collections needed to win certain prizes. To receive 10,000 coins, users must collect every card in the Series 1 Black Base Card Award, of which a list is compiled for users to see which cards are in the collection. 

Each card in the collection features a black border with various characters that range from random ?walkers? and minor characters to major protagonists. To purchase more cards, users can go to the store within the app that features a range of card packs, as well as previews of future packs and special offers. 

The trading card store

The digital cards will eventually be available in physical form as well, starting in October. Topps has developed similar apps for the MLB, overseas football leagues and Star Wars. 

Entertainment and mobile games
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Mobile gaming and apps are becoming more popular with entertainment brands. 

?[The goal is] to create new and innovative Walking Dead collectibles that expand the TWD franchise even further in the mobile space,? Mr. Hundiak said.