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Guinness World Records debuts contest on iPhone

Guinness World Records and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution are letting iPhone and iPod touch owners compete to become certified Guinness World Record holders.

The top player of the new Guinness World Records game app "Video Game Score" challenge, who secures the most points by Aug. 15 will be crowned the iPhone gaming champion and shortlisted for inclusion in the "Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer's Edition."

"The app itself is works well on the iPhone but it was originally a console game," said Stephanie Bohn, director of marketing for Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, New York. "The game is comprised of challenges on Guinness world records that have been broken and leverages the fan base it has, which is also using iPhones.

"The app is really resonating well with users," she said.

In order to participate, consumers will need to download the Guinness World Records game from the App Store and create a GameSpy account so their score can be verified and recorded remotely.

Once the app is installed players can roam the globe to find and enter anyone of 36 the solo or multi-play mini-games using a customizable avatar.

To take part in the Guinness World Record contest players will need to navigate to the "Video Game Score" competition found in the Cape Canaveral area. Players can sync their score for each game to their GameSpy account.

Guinness World Records features 36 entertaining game challenges based on real life world records.

Developed by TT Games, creator of best-selling console games "Guinness World Records: The Videogame" and "LEGO: Batman," the "Video Game Score" challenge is the first iPhone app to feature GameSpy online technology which provides score tracking and recording for global, national, regional and buddy leaderboards.

Guinness World Records game app features the most outrageously challenging such as Cockroach Eating, Melon Crush and Largest Bubblegum Balloon.

"The iPhone is such an incredible device," Ms. Bohn said. "It is like a miniature computer in terms of graphics and the multi touch control is a good gaming experience. "It was a really an ideal fit for the game.

"The app is not ad-supported and it costs $4.99," she said.