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GSN aims for brand extension with mobile game app

The Game Show Network has expanded its Catch-21 game to the mobile platform in an effort to extend the audience?s experience.

Catch-21 is a skill-based spin on the popular card game Blackjack. The application is based on the GSN television show hosted by Alfonso Riberio.

?This app paves the way for us to wrap games with prizing and leaderboards off-platform, meaning you no longer have to be online to experience the thrill of a little victory from GSN,? said Christian Meyer, senior vice president of digital solutions at GSN, Santa Monica, CA.

?In the background of this application is a lot of work that will enable us to link GSN prizing and leaderboards to other game experiences beyond itself,? he said.

GSN offers original and classic game show programming and competition entertainment via its TV network and dedicated gaming Web sites.

Placing mobile within reach
Within the Catch-21 application, consumers can compete against other players for Oodles, GSN's winnable and redeemable online currency.

The Oodles won via iPhone and iPod touch are the same as ones won via the online game and can be used for prizes including retail gift cards and electronics as well as daily, weekly and monthly sweepstakes entries for other prizes.

Catch-21 on the iPhone mirrors the online version of the game.

GSN said Catch-21 has consistently been a top-10 game on because it appeals to both casual gamers and game show fans.

By launching new competitive games on the iPhone platform, GSN said it wanted to deliver on its brand slogan, ?We put winning within reach.?

The network said the application also provides a marketing hook to engage and retain its audience when they are away from online and TV.

Betting on mobile
The application will also help the network learn how its audience is engaging with and adopting game-playing on mobile devices.

The target audience for the application is women ages 25-54.

Marketing for the application includes ads on and on-air spots on the TV network.

Mr. Meyer said brands need to reach consumers, and that means going mobile.

?In today?s world, brands have to follow the consumer if they want to maintain a meaningful relationship with a target audience,? Mr. Meyer said. ?As mobile devices get more and more robust, they are creating new windows of time for leisure entertainment that didn?t exist before, which we see as a great opportunity.?