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Gourmet continues brand expansion through iPhone

Conde Nast?s has rolled out a new iPhone application to make the Gourmet brand more accessible to consumers after the mobile debut of the iPad.

The Gourmet Live app follows a series of new mobile advancements by Condé Nast, which most recently included the publisher partnering with Apple to sell magazine subscriptions for the iPad. The app is available for free in Apple?s App Store.

?Publishers are going where their audience is, whether it?s in the form of an e-reader, smartphone or tablet,? said Neil Strother, Kirkland, WA.-based mobile practice director at ABI Research, Kirkland, WA.

After folding in 2009, the food magazine Gourmet has relaunched itself as, an online destination where users can browse archived content from the magazine?s almost 70 years of publication.

The Gourmet brand also includes special editions and cookbooks.

Condé Nast publishes in 25 countries and in the United States produces 18 consumer magazines, four business-to-business publications, 27 Web sites and more than 30 mobile and tablet devices.

Appetite for mobile
On the app?s main screen, seasonal recipes, including recipes for frozen lemon pie pops and a special-edition of Gourmet Live dedicated to frozen desserts, are displayed.

The content is compiled to include editor picks of the most relevant recipes and stories.

To access the lengthy list of recipes, users have to unlock articles with the iPhone app?s reward system.

As users share via Facebook and Twitter, more content becomes available.

Users can also store their favorite recipes to reference in the future with the Superfavorites feature and buy special issues of Gourmet Live once creating an account.

After creating an account, users can then access their purchases from multiple devices.

The app is updated every week and also includes articles, interviews with chefs and celebrities, slide shows and videos.

Additionally, the app uses geo-location and adaptive personalization technology.

Users are notified of new content via push notifications.

Tapping for advertisers
After rushing into digital editions of some of the company?s most popular titles, including Vanity Fair, Wired and GQ, Condé Nast recently said that it would be slowing down the production of digital editions due to slow advertising sales.

?From both a consumer and advertiser point of view, Condé Nast slowing down on digital publications is a smart business move because it shows that they are really trying to tap into their consumers,? Mr. Strother said.

?It shows that they realized they over-reached and are now taking a closer look at their readers? habits for digesting content,? he said.

In addition to getting content in front of the right set of eyeballs, Mr. Strother said that mobile and digital platforms pose a new opportunity to advertisers.

?Since Gourmet went from print to online, it makes sense that advertisers need to follow as well,? Mr. Strother said.

?If you?re a food company, you want to be near your audience when they?re reading recipes on their smartphone at the grocery store,? he said.

?There is no doubt that smartphones are everywhere and advertisers should see it as just another touch-point for consumers.?