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New York Times bolsters readership with BlackBerry 10 app launch

The New York Times is streamlining the reading experience with a new BlackBerry 10 application designed and formatted for the device.

The New York Times has been investing a lot of time and money into mobile. The company has been strengthening its mobile repertoire and making sure that its editorial content is available on as many platforms as possible.

?It is a part of our overall NYT Everywhere strategy, which is, to be where NYTimes users are, expanding our reach to all strong and promising mobile platforms and technologies, including third-party mobile applications,? said Kate Harris, mobile product manager at The New York Times.

?You saw us launch on Flipboard in June 2012, which was the first time we offered all of The Times?s content on a third-party app,? she said. ?Since then you?ve seen us launch on Windows 7.5, we launched an experimental Web app for iPad and most recently we relaunched our Android app to provide a richer user-experience on Android.

?Plus The New York Times for BlackBerry is an added benefit for subscribers. Subscribers who have Web+Smartphone or All Digital Access packages and who are BlackBerry users can now experience the Times in a comprehensive app environment.?

Driving readership
The New York Times mobile app includes more than 25 sections news, information and opinion, videos, slide shows, graphics and blogs.

The app also incorporates several features such as the ability for users to read their favorite articles offline, as well as save an article across various platforms.

Moreover, the app includes breaking news alerts and a full set of share options for articles and multimedia across social media such as Facebook and Twitter, email and through the BlackBerry Messenger app.

Additionally, The New York Times app offers in-app authentication for subscribers for a streamlined reading experience.

Non-subscribers can access the Top News section for free and can purchase digital subscriptions within the app for full access.

"We have always been early adopters of new platforms,? Ms. Harris said. ?We launched The Times on the mobile Web in 2006, and we were first to market on that front, followed by iPhone in 2008 and Android in early 2010.

?We place our bets on technologies where we see opportunity ? just last year we launched on Windows 7.5 and now we are launching on BlackBerry 10,? she said. ?We were one of 30 brands that showcased our app at BlackBerry?s NYC launch event on January 30, where we led app demos to industry insiders and members the media.

?We launched a dedicated marketing campaign across our properties,, and in print. We also worked with BlackBerry on a press release and PR plan to announce the availability of The Times on BlackBerry 10.?

Mobile repertoire
The New York Times has been ramping up its mobile offerings over the past few years.

Last year, one year after rolling out its digital subscriptions, the company reported that its iPhone application had been downloaded 14.9 million times (see story).

Most recently, The New York Times relaunched its mobile application, which is designed and formatted for tablets and smartphones running on Android.

The Android News app incorporates a responsive design navigation to help create a more seamless reader experience (see story).

?Mobile is very important to The Times,? Ms. Harris said. ?Over the past four years we?ve successfully engaged audiences, created superior mobile news experiences with viable advertising and subscription business models across iOS, Android and the Mobile Web. And more recently, we are creating New York Times mobile experiences on important existing and future platforms and technologies.

?We understand that users want access to our content on multiple devices, which is why we are working to create optimal mobile experiences on a variety of platforms and operating systems,? she said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York