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Disney leverages mobile to drive cross-screen video sales

Walt Disney Studios is targeting families and parents who are increasingly watching full-length movies across multiple devices with a new video service that includes a mobile application and Web site.

The film studio?s new app is part of a bigger cloud-based product called Disney Movies Anywhere that lets consumers discover, buy and watch films on tablets, smartphones and laptops. The initiative ties together three of Disney?s brands ? Pixar, Disney and Marvel ? into a hub of cross-screen content.

?Disney has long been committed to bringing high-quality entertainment experiences to consumers, and we are very focused on reaching them where they are, through new platforms and with new technologies,? said Paul Roeder, senior vice president of global communications at Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, CA.

Watch on mobile
Disney?s new Disney Movies Anywhere app works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. There is also a Web component to the service.

The service consists of more than 400 films and is linked to an iTunes account. Each movie is $19.99.

Once consumers create an account, they can watch their films and additional content from any device.

Disney Movies Anywhere also includes multi-screen watching so that consumers can watch content across different devices at the same time. The Web component includes a streaming function so that consumers can instantly begin watching a movie from where they left off from a mobile device.

Disney is luring consumers into the service by offering a limited-time offer. In exchange for signing up for an account, users receive a free digital copy of ?The Incredibles.?

Disney Movies Anywhere movies are bought through Apple?s iTunes.

With more families swapping out physical DVDs with streamed and digital content on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, the idea behind Disney?s new video platform is to give consumers more cross-device options in how they watch content.

Additionally, the initiative benefits Disney since the company is able to drive sales of its own titles.

Instant redemption
Disney Movies Anywhere also builds on some on-pack initiatives that Disney has had in place since 2008.

Disney DVD and Blu-ray products include codes that can be redeemed for digital versions of movies, merchandise and other offers.

With the new Web site and mobile app, consumers can now type in the codes to redeem the digital films. Consumers also earn points from the Disney Movie Rewards program.

Additionally, the service now pulls in copies of the digital editions that were previously redeemed through the Disney Movie Rewards program or iTunes.

?Disney Movies Anywhere fits right into this strategy alongside the company?s other digital initiatives,? Mr. Roeder said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York