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Crystal Light leverages Pinterest to extend Self print campaign

Crystal Light and Condé Nast's Self magazine have partnered for a print-to-mobile promotion in the March issue that plays up Pinterest for social relevancy.

The #tinywin promotion asks readers to scan Crystal Light cards in the issue with the Self+ application. They will then be directed to Pinterest where they can repin the content.

?As with all promotional partnerships, Self's strategy is to help our clients fulfill their marketing objectives,? said Laura McEwen, vice president and publisher at Self, New York. ?Crystal Light's campaign celebrating #tinywins aligns perfectly with the way that Self motivates women to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

?Even something as simple as choosing kale chips instead of potato chips should make her happy,? she said. 

?It's both engaging and entertaining, a win-win for the brand and the consumer.?

Inside the March issue of Self magazine, there is a page explaining the #tinywin promotion. The page asks, ?Took the stairs today? #tinywin! Hit the gym instead of the snooze button? #tinywin,? etc.

The point of the promotion is to celebrate the small actions consumers take to better their health. Crystal Light is celebrating these tiny victories by giving readers a way to treat themselves.

To participate in the promotion, readers must download the Self+ app, which is available for free in Apple?s App Store and Google Play. When they launch the app, they can hover it over each Crystal Light #tinywin card in the issue.

Once they tap the image, they will be directed to Pinterest where they can repin the content that helps them achieve their own #tinywin. The cards share different motivational messages.

For instance, one card reads, ?Today a smile is all the makeup I need.? Another one says, ?I wore my going out shoes on Monday morning.?

?The program, like Pinterest, is about visual imagery and Self has a huge Pinterest following,? Ms. McEwen said. ?We envisioned and designed the creative to really motivate consumers to take action.

?A natural extension of that was to tap into the way that people use Pinterest as inspiration boards, expressing their personal goals and actively helping them stay on track,? she said. ?The campaign is extremely positive and super pinnable.?

Consumers who share the content on Pinterest will be directed to the microsite to enter to win a Crystal Light?s #tinywin prize package.

One prize package includes one month gym membership, one Self-selected beauty product package and one cooking class. Another includes one month yoga class membership, one Self-selected beauty product package and one life coach counseling session.

The third includes one month 5-series spin class membership, one Self-selected beauty product package and one nutrition counseling session.

The promotion ends on April 1, 2014.

A lot of magazines have been trying to figure out how to link their print issues with digital and mobile content. Some add QR codes or other bar codes, and others add digital watermarking or augmented reality.

Augmented reality has become one of the more popular methods of joining print and mobile (see story).

Self and Crystal Light went with image recognition, but added Pinterest for a unique aspect.

This platform is becoming more popular with brands and publishers as consumers spend an increasing amount of time on it, especially on mobile.

?Young women are all about mobile tech?in fact, more than half of's traffic now comes through mobile,? Ms. McEwen said. ?Self's audience is familiar with Self Plus, our proprietary augmented reality app, and they are used to seeing mobile extensions utilizing the app that deliver fun extras, many of which can be shared socially. So this was a natural way for us to activate this promotion on behalf of Crystal Light.

?Every platform that is important to consumers is important to us,? she said. ?Because of the demographics and psychographics of Self's audience, mobile plays a tremendous part in our brand marketing.

?Our advertising partners trust Self to bring them unique ways to appeal to new consumers. In turn, readers are eager for rewarding opportunities that help them learn about and interact with their favorite brands.?

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York