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The Bump gives birth to an Apple Watch app

XO Group pregnancy publication The Bump developed an application for the Apple Watch to better reach the new millennial mother with additional content.

The Bump?s goal with launching an Apple Watch app is to be the go-to source for millennial pregnant women looking for information and to connect with other soon-to-be mothers. An Apple Watch app with a complementary smartphone app, tablet app and Web site allows the publication to be everywhere with the reader and assimilate into the life of that consumer. 

"It is important to develop an Apple Watch app for two reasons," said Josh Himwich, vice president of product at The Bump, New York. "First, to create an app for the Apple Watch is to provide a service for our very best users. 

"Our moms are overwhelmingly mobile-first and our Apps have quickly become their go-to way to stay connected with The Bump," he said. "Thus, to be on the Apple Watch is not only to extend that ecosystem but to do so for our very best users. 

"As in all things, 20 percent of your market accounts for 80 percent of your revenues and an Apple Watch app is a wonderful way to provide unique value to this special group of moms-to-be. Secondly, It is important to capture the first-mover advantage on a platform that has as much potential as the Apple Watch, the winners and losers will be sorted out pretty quickly and we want to be on the right side of that equation."

In 2008, The Bump Web site launched as a sister site to The Knot, catering to new parents, soon-to-be parents and couples trying to conceive. The site is a hub for this demographic to read articles pertaining to children and pregnancy, and also discuss with other parents in the forum. 

Charming young mothers
The app is appealing to this new age of digital moms with informative pieces featured in a unique way. For instance, headline snippets from the day?s top pregnancy-related stories will be featured on the Apple Watch and if users are interested, they can continue reading on their iPhone in a seamless manner. 

The top news stories feature on the Apple Watch will act as a data filter and showcase only information that readers will be interested in or need to know. 

A button underneath the headline, reading ?read on iPhone? will bring up the full article on the user?s paired iPhone. This is exceptionally important for brands to keep in mind, as content developed for the watch must be appropriate for the device. 
The smaller screen means a different type of content. Consumers will be using the watch differently from their smartphones, just as they use their tablets and computers in different manners. 

A full article available on the Apple Watch is not feasible. Viewers would find it difficult and ultimately disengage from the content, making it imperative for the Bump to offer an Apple Watch app to coincide with its original app. 

When it comes to the development of the baby, his or her growth is explained with size comparison in relation to objects such as a plum, cantaloupe or watermelon. A weekly image pops up on the homepage, showing expecting mothers an image that showcases the size of the baby with details about its growth. 

A huge draw for users of the app is the calendar feature, suggesting to-dos that coincide with personalized timing of the pregnancy, along with to-dos the user has personally added and any appointments she has inputted. There is also a due date countdown and a stream of belly photos that user has taken on her iPhone. 

Mobile-first priority
The Bump is one of the many publications of XO Group that focuses on media-first content. The company always keeps mobile in mind, and knows that this is the way to best appeal to readers. 

The Knot, a leading wedding resource and sister site of The Bump, recently relaunched its service with a mobile-first perspective, a recognition of the fact that smartphones and tablets now account for more than 50 percent of the brand?s traffic (see more). 

The Apple Watch just launched on April 24. Numerous brands have flocked to create their own apps for the smartwatch. 

American Eagle Outfitters updated its mobile application for the release of the Apple Watch, tailoring features such as a store locator and speedy access to deals to wearable-equipped shoppers (see more).

"Like most 3rd-party apps on the Apple Watch, The Bump's app is a companion to our iPhone app and is designed to give the most important information you need in just a couple of seconds," Mr. Himwich said. "So, with a flick of your wrist, you can now catch up on how far along you are in your pregnancy, understand how big your baby has become, see your calendar of pregnancy to-dos and smile at a photo timeline of your growing belly.

"Where we get excited is for Apple to release the full Apple Watch SDK later in the year," he said. "When that happens, we will have more direct access to the biometric capabilities of the watch and that's when everything will change. 

"Once we can know your heartbeat and other readings the watch can measure, we can both make very specific recommendations about how to take care of yourself and provide moments of delight when you reach certain goals."

Final Take
Brielle Jaekel is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily and Mobile Marketer, New York