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Huffington Post goes mobile

The Huffington Post, an Internet newspaper, has launched an ad-supported mobile Web site.

The online publication tapped Crisp Wireless, a provider of mobile publishing and advertising services for premium media and entertainment companies, to create its mobile Web site and provide some collaborative advertising services. The mobile site at launched in time for on-the-go election-day coverage.

"At a conference at Ad Week Arianna Huffington explained that the Huffington Post is the homepage for her readers and they start with the Huffington Post to explore news," said Tom Limongello, senior director of business development at Crisp Wireless, New York.

"Where mobile is right now, people are just discovering that their home pages, whether that is CNN, New York Times or the Washington Post or the Huffington Post, are now mobile," he said.

The Huffington Post is a news and opinion Web site which in three years has become an influential media brand.

The site offers coverage of politics, media, business, entertainment, living, style and "green," and is a top destination for news, blogs and original content.

The Huffington Post ("HuffPost") has more than 22 million unique users each month and is the most-linked-to blog on the Internet, per Technorati.

The site has an active community, with more than 1 one million comments posted each month.

"If you are looking to be a homepage for people who are looking for political news, you need to be with someone all the time," Mr. Limongello said.

"But more than that, when you read a site like the Huffington Post you often know others who read the site too, and those readers are very likely to share within their group of friends, so you want to make sure that when you tell a friend about an article that they can read it even if they don't have their laptop," he said.

"That's how you bring timeliness back to the news readership experience."

The Huffington Post mobile site features coverage of the elections, including top news stories, election results and featured blog posts.

The site also showcases content from HuffPost's various sections -- from "green" and living, to entertainment, media, and style.

Crisp Wireless enables publishers to mobilize their content, monetize their site through advertising, and measure their results.

The Huffington Post will use the Crisp platform. The publisher will use Crisp to explore other means of better monetizing its mobile advertising.

"I see the opportunity for a site like the Huffington Post to go the extra step that makes it even more useful for mobile than even the traditional news providers, and that is to help people win arguments," Mr. Limongello said. "The Huffington Post's featured bloggers help its users find the arguments they need when talking to friends who may sit across the aisle.

"This election is teaching news readers to use mobile sites like sports sites to refresh for results, but it's also a way for readers to find new content from their favorite bloggers," he said "If you were comfortable looking up John Cusack in IMDB to remember when Hi-Fidelity hit the theaters or what his character's name was in 'Say Anything,' now you will see his latest blog post on"