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MillerCoors' Shazam playlists tap into location-data to lift coolness factor

MillerCoors is creating a highly relevant ad campaign that connects with New York's younger demographic by serving localized mobile playlists on the Shazam application.

As the marketing industry moves towards a more connected environment with consumers, advertisers are constantly seeking more personalized and relevant experiences provided by mobile. MillerCoors is attempting to standout amidst mobile user?s short attention spans with curated playlists accompanied by city-wide advertisements including charging stations. 

?Links are designed to provide services to mobile users such as super-fast and secure Wi-Fi, charging stations, second screen ad experiences and more,? said Scott Varland, creative director at IPG Media Lab, the developer behind the campaign. ?The attention of mobile audiences is difficult to grab, but these things do it like a moth to flame. 

?We love the idea that advertising can help to fund public services,? he said. ?Coors Light?s promise to ?refresh your world? aligns well with LinkNYC, which is ?refreshing? New York City infrastructure, turning aging payphones into a valuable, and entertaining, service for today?s connected consumer.?

The campaign, designed for MillerCoors? Coors Light brand, is offering highly localized playlists to New Yorkers in various neighborhoods. A data system determined what music was being accessed through Shazam most in specific neighborhoods, and the brand created playlists based off this information. 

Various displays through New York are advertising the playlists, urging users to open their Shazam applications on their mobile devices to interact with the ad and playlists. Using Bluetooth technology, the app will determine which area the user is in, and serve them the appropriate playlist. 

The mobile playlists will be available to users after opening the app and selecting "listen" within neighborhoods such as Union Square, Gramercy, Murray Hill, Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea, all known for varying demographic residents. The Bluetooth sensor will then trigger the neighborhood?s playlist to pop up, including Coors Light branding images. 

The playlists are updated every 15 minutes based on local users? searches in the Shazam app and are different for every neighborhood, as each district has distinct musical tastes. 

Linking New York
MillerCoors partnered with LinkNYC for display ads on its mobile stations, which provide device charging and free Wi-Fi. The new campaign follows big movements for both LinkNYC and Shazam, as LinkNYC launched its Wi-Fi-enabled kiosks this week and Shazam recently updated its app for better playlist listening. 

?Mobile is at the very core of this campaign,? said Greg Glenday, chief revenue officer at Shazam. ?Without the mobile component, this would just be an interesting out-of-home display. 

?The mobile extension encourages NYC residents and visitors to reflect on the music that people are discovering on Shazam, designated by specific neighborhoods,? he said. ?People will not only see the neighborhood-specific playlists, but they can also actually use Shazam to get the playlists on their phones. 

?We see this deeper fan engagement as a barometer of the next generation of advertising technology."