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Emerald Nuts, Nature's Bounty tap blog popularity to drive consumer connections

"We are seeing more and more brands turn to social media influencers to connect with an internet-obsessed generation that is often difficult to reach using traditional media," said Giordano Contestabile, CEO of Bloglovin'. "Activate by Bloglovin? makes influencers? reach and credibility available to brands to target very defined audiences through blogs and social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest."

Mobile blogs loving
Bloglovin? is a network that congregates popular blogs together for a seamless stream of content for users. The network is made up of a significant number of bloggers, covering a range of topics from fashion to health. 

The new advertising network Activate by Bloglovin? connects these bloggers to brands for sponsored posts and advertising efforts. For instance, the blog Running Rachel partnered with Emerald Nuts for a campaign in which the writer shared how she uses the brand?s product to stay healthy and eat during her busy schedule. 

Another blogger, Victoria from the Creative Homekeeper blog, shared an image of Emerald Nuts products on her Instagram page and how she uses the product to fuel workouts. The post advertises the full blog post, which gives full details on Emerald Nuts and her workout tips. 

Another sponsored post, Five tips for self-care during the holidays, was featured on the mobilized blog Embracing Simple, which showcased how the author uses an aromatherapy diffuser from Nature?s Bounty. 

The brands can track social shares, engagement and video views on each campaign.  

Bloggers and brands
Sun Pacific clementine brand Cuties similarly tied its image to Valentine?s Day through partnerships with bloggers and a social media campaign that enticed parents looking for healthier treats for their kids (see more). 

International menswear retailer Perry Ellis also held a discussion on Twitter with prominent male bloggers about the industry to increase brand awareness (see more). 

"As all of those channels are available on mobile, and often reach the majority of their audience on mobile platforms, brands are able to reach their audience wherever they are, with content that is formatted for consumption on mobile," Mr. Contestabile said. "Bloglovin? already sees more than half of its audience use the platform through iOS and Android apps and mobile web, and we see this acquisition as reinforcing this trend."