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Taco Bell?s funny Wishbone posts prompt users to choose its breakfast

Taco Bell is appealing to young consumers to promote its new value menu through humorous posts on the Wishbone mobile application, playing on the idea that everyone likes to save money. 

Taco Bell?s new dollar morning value menu was subtly hinted at to savvy consumers on the app, prompting users to choose between paying only $1 versus more money. Users on the Wishbone app can vote on anything, from which outfit is better to the best landscape scene by tapping an image. 

"At Taco Bell, we are a brand of firsts," said Ryan Rimsnider, senior Mmanager of social strategy at Taco Bell Corp. "Our continued focus on innovation in all spaces, including technology, is what landed Wishbone on our radar. 

"We are using Wishbone to build awareness for our new Morning Value Menu," he said. "Leading up to today?s menu launch, we dropped hints with our first-ever posts on Wishbone through our official profile, TacoBell."

Taco Bell or nah 
Taco Bell?s page on Wishbone features a variety of polls that fit into its comedic brand image, which appeals to younger consumers. In a bid to grab users? attention for its lower-priced morning menu, the fast food brand shared a variety of funny posts related to breakfast, which laid out the obvious option to choose Taco Bell. 
The fast food retailer shared multiple images related to breakfast, which showed up in all users? feeds. The most recent posts accompany the menu launch with a poll asking users ?what is a better price for breakfast,? featuring the options of a dollar bill or a five-dollar bill. 

Another post asked followers what they are most excited about with an image of a breakfast bowl versus a dying smartphone. 

The brand also shared a post with two images on Wishbone, one featuring a happy woman wearing a t-shirt with the text ?if you don?t like Taco Bell you?re wrong,? next to a picture of an unhappy man. Taco Bell asked ?how should you feel after breakfast,? and users responded by tapping the image they want to vote for.

Ringing mobile bell
Taco Bell recently experienced a 26 percent lift in product awareness during a recent mobile marketing campaign on Pandora that saw listeners become 15 percent more likely to visit a Taco Bell restaurant (see more). 

Taco Bell also tapped YouTube celebrities to appear in their social media and mobile video advertisements, and found lucrative marketing potential with younger consumers and the back-to-school season (see more). 

"Beginning March 8 when we first engaged on the app, through March 18," Mr. Rimsnider said. "Taco Bell promoted cards will appear in the Wishbone Daily and Nightly dozens to share details on our new breakfast offerings. 

"These cards will help us to engage with millions of Wishbone users and interact with our fans in a new and exciting way," he said. "We are looking forward to seeing the results and what people are saying, any time we can get a better understanding of our fans and what they care about, we listen."