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Vibes Media hires Drew Green to grow company

Vibes Media has hired Drew Green to become senior vice president of sales and marketing, a newly created position designed to grow the company.

"Bringing Drew on board demonstrates the strength of our commitment to investing in strategic and long-term growth for both Vibes and the mobile marketing industry," said Alex Campbell, cofounder and CEO of Vibes Media. "Drew has been one of the driving forces behind the digital revolution and we are excited to work with him as we help guide the mobile industry forward."

Mobile Marketer's Giselle Abramovich interviewed Mr. Green about his plans for Vibes Media. Here is what he said:

Are you replacing someone? If so who?
No, this is a new position that Vibes Media has created and invested in, in order to accelerate the growth of the company.

Why the need for this new position?
Brands and publishers are increasingly taking notice of the unique and effective ability to connect with consumers through mobile marketing.

While budgets and planning for mobile spend are not as mature as online budgets, we believe the spend will continue to expand rapidly and soon challenge other marketing channels for budget, the way online media did in the early days of adoption.

Today, agencies, publishers and marketers are spending on mobile communication and media programs at a rate of spend faster than any other channel.

What will your responsibilities be?
I am responsible for defining, implementing and leading the execution of Vibes Media's Sales, Business Development and Marketing strategy. My responsibilities will be focused on revenue growth and the management and alignment of resources to accomplish that growth.

Who are some of Vibes' big clients?

Brands: Verizon, NFL, MTV, Subway, Best Buy, Diageo

Publishers: Tribune, Emmis, Clear Channel, Versus

What are the company's plans for the remainder of the year?
As an organization, we have an exceptional opportunity to accelerate the growth pattern established over the past few years.

Since I started at Vibes it has become apparent to me that the company has incredible people, all with considerable expertise in the mobile space, who are devoted to meeting and exceeding client objectives.

By harnessing this expertise and continuing to expand our knowledge base, we can create a significant competitive advantage as we nurture and grow together.

I've always found that success starts not only with great people, but great products that others find valuable, and I'm fortunate to be in a situation where both have been made available to me.

I intend to utilize these assets to help execute on our 2009 plan, develop a long-term outlook, and maintain our position as one of the leading mobile marketing companies in North America.

What is your vision for the company?
While it's a bit early for a long-term vision, I'm a big believer that taking care of the short-term breeds long-term opportunity. I would like for our brand to be known for its relentless focus on its customers, and for creating compelling client programs that not only deliver ROI, but enhance customer experience.

What are some of your goals with this new position?
Our challenge will be to really hone in on what we are doing well and do it again and again. In 2009 my time will be focused on guiding our teams towards meeting our objectives and planning for the type of growth we have the potential to attain.

Are there any specific clients you'll be working with?
We have such an incredible roster of clients that I plan to work with all of them. I certainly will be spending time with existing clients and speaking to new ones as we execute against our strategy.