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Corona taps SMS campaign to increase beer sales

Corona is letting consumers become virtual DJs and host their own exclusive parties via an SMS mobile marketing campaign.

The company teamed up with Mogreet and Grooveshark Partner to create the ?Virtual DJ Beach Getaway" promotion. Consumers can host their own parties and invite friends and family to engage in real-time song selection by using their mobile devices.

?For the DJ to Getaway by Corona Light campaign, Grooveshark wanted to integrate mobile and digital media through a campaign that leverages the personal nature of mobile and social mediums,? said James Citron, CEO of Mogreet, Los Angeles.

?With SMS, Mogreet provides an immediate bridge between consumers and one of the music industry?s leaders to fuel thousands of fun parties across the country,? he said.

?Mogreet?s messaging platform is a cross-carrier solution that provides the broadest reach of any medium over internet, TV, radio and other channels.?

Grooveshark is partnering with Corona Light to support the program by providing its music library services for registered parties.

Mogreet works with leading marketers in entertainment, media, retail, consumer products, healthcare and real estate.

Brewing interest
The Corona Light campaign lets consumers register to host a party by signing up at

Once consumers register, they are assigned a unique mobile keyword to be used exclusively for their individual party.

Those that are hosting a party can have their friends join by texting the host?s keyword to the short code 94444.

Consumers also receive a message from Corona Light and Grooveshark and then can text in or tweet song requests by song title and artists to add them to the playlist.

?The DJ to Getaway by Corona Light campaign is part of the larger Corona Beach Getaway promotion,? Mr. Citron said. ?Corona, Grooveshark and Mogreet will be promoting the campaign through their respective social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. 

?Additionally, Grooveshark will be advertising the DJ to Getaway events on its Web site,? he said. 

Music requests
In addition to receiving music requests, party hosts can monitor their party via host-only features that can be accessed through their smartphone.

Users can skip a song they do not like or block phone numbers that repeatedly request the same song.

?Mobile is the conduit, the delivery mechanism, for the campaign,? Mr. Citron said. ?Beverage companies such as Corona have some of the most highly regulated products when it comes to advertising, so they are always seeking new and exciting ways to engage their customers within the limits of the law.

?Since their target customers are likely carrying a mobile device everywhere they go, it only made sense to include it in the overall plan,? he said.

?Corona Light expects that mobile will be a key component for promoting the DJ to Getaway campaign through the use of social media and mobile devices.?