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Victoria?s Secret bolsters awareness for new VSX line via rich media messaging

Victoria?s Secret is using rich media messaging to offer consumers video content, as well as other exclusives about its new VSX Sport line.

In addition to mobile, the company is also heavily relying on Facebook to help spread the word. Over the past year, Victoria?s Secret has used mobile quite a bit throughout its marketing campaigns.

?Victoria?s Secret, the largest American retailer of lingerie, has recently launched the first ever nationwide mobile messaging campaign in the United States using rich media messaging, the next generation of MMS technology,? said Cezar Kolodziej, president/CEO of Iris Mobile, Chicago.

?They are promoting their VSX Sexy Sport brand by sending workout tips through their video series, ?Train Like An Angel,?? he said. ?These tips are delivered by Victoria Secret models themselves, also known as the Angels, to teach women how to stay in shape.?

Victoria's Secret tapped Iris Mobile to help execute the campaign. 

New prospects
Consumers can learn more about the VSX by Victoria?s Secret line through the company?s Facebook page.

From there, users can tap on the ?Tough Like an Angel? tab where they can browse workout videos and check out expert fitness and nutrition tips. 

The campaign centers around asking women to join the challenge.

Additionally, Victoria?s Secret is encouraging consumers to stay connected by signing up for text alerts to keep up-to-date on the latest challenges.

?Rich media messaging is the only mobile technology that allows Victoria?s Secret to deliver videos on all mobile handsets and carriers,? Mr. Kolodziej said.

?Since no data connection is required, customers are able to view the exercise videos wherever they are like the gym or if they're exercising at home where they don't have a data connection,? he said.

?Without rich media messaging, Victoria?s Secret would not be able to effectively reach all customers on all types of mobile phones by simply using SMS.?

Playing it smart
Using rich media messaging is a smart move for Victoria?s Secret.

When consumers opt-in to receive weekly tips, they also receive video exercises and other information about the VSX fashion line.

By incorporating a mobile messaging strategy, the company is able to continue its dialogue with consumers going forward ? and keep them up-to-date one the line?s latest looks.

?By adding rich media messaging to Victoria's Secret mobile marketing toolkit, Victoria's Secret has a more effective way to communicate with their customers using rich content regardless of what devices customers have,? Mr. Kolodziej said. 

?Compared to other mobile marketing tools such as apps or SMS, rich media messaging gives Victoria's Secret creative freedom to engage their customers without having to worry about device limitations and the content they want to deliver to all customers,? he said. 

Final Take