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Yes Network powers New York Yankees, Brooklyn Nets for real-time alerts

Yes Network is building its mobile strategy with a new partnership that aims to foster a closer relationship with viewers, especially New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets sports fans.

Cable television channel Yes Network, which is the exclusive broadcaster for the two teams? games, is working to use digital marketing to grab the attention of fans who often multitask while watching sports. Yes Network is working with Phizzle on these initiatives.

?We all know that mobile technology is a constantly changing landscape,? said Ben Davis, CEO of Phizzle, San Francisco.

?The one thing that will remain constant is the CRM system that anchors digital marketing technology,? he said. ?Without a strong behavioral analysis, data and analytics reporting solution, mobile is just mobile.  Teams, right holders and media companies will figure this out and that will become the No. 1 requirement of a mobile solution.?

Yes Network is a regional sports cable broadcast network and Web site that covers the New York Yankees, Brooklyn Nets, Major League Baseball, the National Football League and the Arsenal Football Club.

Connected fans
Yes Network will use Phizzle?s technology to deliver a series of digital campaigns that are aimed at connecting with sports fans.

Under the deal, Phizzle will help Yes Network send out mobile alerts to fans.

New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets fans can sign up to receive alerts from the teams, which include news updates and score alerts. Additionally, fans will be prompted to sign up for promotions that the teams push out.

The SMS program lets sports fans customize their preferences based on individual athletes and teams.

Consumers can sign up for the alerts on Yes Network?s Web site to create their preferences.

Yes Network is monetizing its mobile efforts by including sponsorship opportunities into the messages.

The mobile alerts program is the beginning of Yes Network?s broader partnership with Phizzle.

For example, Yes Network plans to also work with Phizzle on its mobile application efforts.

In addition to mobile, Yes Network also has a comprehensive Web site that serves as an additional touch point for consumers.

By using a variety of digital mediums, Yes Network is able to connect with sports fans on multiple levels.

?Teams are becoming aware that mobile is a force that needs to be part of their strategy,? Mr. Davis said.

?The advancement can be seen by the number of senior level digital positions that are being created,? he said. ?Two years ago, there might not have been one chief digital officer. Now there are a few along with some vice president positions. Next year this number will significantly increase.?

On-the-go sports
Consumers are increasingly relying on their mobile devices as a resource while they are watching TV, which poses a particularly strong opportunity for sports marketers during live broadcasts.

This has a double effect of helping both sports fans and teams, according to Mr. Davis.

Consumers want to stay connected to their favorite teams from their handsets and be rewarded for being a loyal fan. Sports teams on the other hand want to better understand their fans to improve marketing with more relevant, tailored content.

?Fans watching sports on TV are used to situational stats and content,? Mr. Davis said.

?They are accustomed to getting analysis and relevant stats both current and historical,? he said. ?They are also used to getting details on behind-the-scenes information such as injuries, penalties and referee calls and highlights and replays.?

?While at the stadium, it is difficult for fans to get this content but they still want it. This is why leagues are putting resources into matching the at home experience at the stadium. This will only be truly accomplished once the stadiums have effective Wi-Fi available to thousands of fans for simultaneous usage.?

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York