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The Melting Pot schools Twitter followers on fondue dining

Fondue chain The Melting Pot is educating social media users in etiquette through an interactive chat on Twitter with chef Jason Miller, taking a conversational approach to marketing for a lasting impression.  

The restaurant brand is sharing a Tweetvite on social media to celebrate National Cheese Fondue day through a Twitter party with chef Miller in which users can ask questions on accepted behavior for eating fondue. The campaign is based on results from The Melting Pot?s Google Consumer Survey in which the brand discovered a wide range of methods diners use to eat fondue, spurring creative for the campaign paired with conversational tools to make a lasting impression. 

"We are excited to host the #HowDoUFondue Twitter Party on National Cheese Fondue Day, April 11, as we see this as another method to attracting social Millennials to learn more about fondue and get excited about the unique and interactive fondue dining experience," said Michele Whaley, senior director of marketing at The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. "While they are engaging with our Executive Chef Jason Miller during the party they will also learn about the 'fondues' and 'fondon?ts' of enjoying cheese fondue. 

"We hope that they enjoy this one-hour fondue chat that encourages dipping into fondue fun on and offline," she said. 

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The Tweetvite shares the information regarding the event and requests users to fill out a response of whether or not they will attend. Users that select yes are then prompted to share a curated tweet or post on Facebook, promoting the event. 

Chef Miller will be sharing his knowledge on what The Melting Pot is calling ?fondues? and ?fondon?ts.? On April 11 Participants can share questions they have regarding fondue dining by sharing posts that include the hashtag #HowDoUFondue, and chef Miller will answer on The Melting Pot?s page.

Participants will be automatically entered for a chance to win one of two available $50 gift card to The Melting Pot. The chat will start at 2 p.m. and last until 3 p.m., and coincide with National Cheese Fondue Day.

Chatting on Twitter
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"At The Melting Pot, we deeply value all of the benefits that social media brings to the table in terms of connecting in real-time with our guests," Ms. Whaley said. "The fondue dining experience is very social and interactive and in addition to socializing over fondue in our restaurants, we encourage our guests to share their unique dining experiences by engaging online too. 

"They can like our company page on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @TheMeltingPot," she said. "Fans that engage and interact with on our brand pages have the chance to see their experience showcased on all of our channels. 

"Guests looking for a glimpse into how our recipes are created can visit our YouTube at to take a dip into the best videos around."