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Crate and Barrel addresses mobile growth with Web concierge service

Crate and Barrel unveils a new Web experience today, enabling shoppers to chat with associates and receive links to products in an attempt to better take advantage of the growth in mobile traffic. 

The home furnishings retailer partnered with Moxie to take advantage of its digital engagement technology across the Crate and Barrel, CB2 and The Land of Nod brands. The move points to how retailers are looking for ways to simplify shopping on mobile devices, where conversion rates continue to lag behind traffic growth. 

?More and more of Crate and Barrel's customers are shopping on mobile devices and the device itself is conducive to messaging ? chat allows the brand to keep customers in engaged while on the mobile device without having to switch channels,? said Nikhil Govindaraj, vice president of products at Moxie. 

Better mobile experiences
Crate and Barrel has deployed the Moxie Concierge Saas solution, helping the retailer address customer experience, engagement and acquisition for mobile, tablet and desktop shoppers. 

From the chat link, visitors can message with an associate from within their existing Web site context. 

The retailer?s associates can assist shoppers by sending product links and providing additional information. 

With Crate and Barrel seeing its mobile traffic grow nearly 30 percent year-over-year, providing a superior mobile experience is an important goal and Moxie Concierge is one way the retailer is hoping to achieve it. The retailer reports that the tool is also easy to use and administer. 

With comprehensive reporting from Moxie, Crate and Barrel now has visibility into the context of customer communication and the effectiveness of digital channels. 

The right context
As mobile traffic to retail Web sites grows even as mobile conversion remains a challenge, retailers are for intuitive ways to provide relevant, contextual information and assistance across the entire decision journey to simplify shopping on mobile?s small screens. 

In June, apparel retailer Kit and Ace used the idea of sliding doors to merge content and commerce on its ecommerce revamped platform, hoping to better meet the needs of mobile users by making each side easily accessible at any point during a visit (see story). 

In a reflection of the need for apparel retailers to continuously refresh their shoppable content on digital channels, New York & Company experienced a 44 percent increase in mobile conversions over the past year after implementing a self-service content marketing platform into its mobile site (see story). 

?It?s very simple, visitors can access chat and message with a Crate and Barrel associate directly from the chat link on mobile, tablet or desktop,? Mr. Govindaraj said. ?The experience is intuitive to the mobile device, allowing customers to chat with an associate while maintaining the context of the website - this ensures the interaction is not lost. 

?Crate and Barrel associates have the ability to guide customers by sending links to products or providing additional information via the chat message,? he said.