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Verizon looks to simplify customer experience through new features in My Fios App

Verizon has provided the application for its FiOS bundled Internet service a serious overhaul, introducing features such as a Wi-Fi analyzer and Facebook Messenger integration.

The telecommunications behemoth has also redesigned and simplified its My Fios App, and customers can also manage their accounts, resolve service issues and connect to live and on-demand streaming Fios TV content on the company?s Fios Mobile service. The service?s app has gone through a quick trajectory of development, with the addition of new features coming only a few weeks after its initial rollout earlier this month.

"Mobile is not something we view as augmenting the experience, but rather part of the overall Fios product experience itself," said Sasha Lucas, director of digital engagement strategy at Verizon. "Through our apps we are able to deliver content on the go through the Fios Mobile App (including the On Demand and DVR streaming on newer routers) and provide customer service through the My Fios App. 

"Throughout the entire customer experience, mobile is an integral part of how customers shop, service and engage with Fios."

My Fios App
Customers of FiOS can now improve their Wi-Fi coverage through a quick performance survey through the My FiOS App. When paired with the Fios Quantum Gateway router, the app can evaluate performance between all connected Wi-Fi devices and the router, identify possible sources of signal interference and either resolve the issues or make recommendations to the customer on steps they can take to improve performance.

And new customer service features through the app will help to mitigate many of the complaints that consumers have in dealing with customer service, problems that are especially apparent in the telecommunications industry. 

Verizon Fios customers can now directly message the company through Facebook Messenger and get a quick response from one of its technical experts when they have a question or need assistance. Facebook Messenger is now directly integrated into the new My Fios App, so customers do not need to switch applications to immediately start chatting with Verizon customer service reps.

The My Fios App also links to Fios Mobile, Verizon?s app that allows customers to watch live Fios TV, video on demand content and remotely stream recorded DVR content on mobile devices in and away from home.

Verizon?s maneuvers
It is altogether unsurprising that Verizon is making headway on mobile, but the rate of its expansion of other services onto the platform indicates that it is keeping upwind of trends. 

The company attempted to further disrupt traditional television programming by betting completely on mobile for a new competitive reality series, which aired on go90, and was promoted by a mobile-only ad campaign and included calls-to-action via social and mobile platforms (see story). 

And competitor T-Mobile has also made headlines recently for expanding its 4G LTE coverage in the Washington, D.C. area to accommodate the rise in mobile use during the presidential inauguration (see story).

"We are all about delivering best in class customer service when and where our customers want it, which includes both live and digital channels," Ms. Lucas said. "We will continue to evolve our digital customer experience to meet the needs of our customers both on our traditional properties (like our website and core apps) as well as messaging platforms which we recognize as a growing part of customer service. 

"Today, a customer can reach out to our technical team directly on Facebook messenger or Twitter and get a response within minutes. That will continue to be a big part of how we serve customers as long as that?s where they want to engage with us."