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Resident Evil?s AI Red Queen comes to life through social media chat

Sony Pictures is tapping a fitting villain from its Resident Evil series for a chat experience on social media that brings fictional artificial intelligence to life, with real life AI. 

To promote the film Resident Evil: Final Chapter, a major villain from the film series is being released through social media in which users can battle online. A Chatbot for The Red Queen, a super computer who wants to destroy the world, is conversing and playing a game with fans on Facebook. 

The Red Queen
Fans of Resident Evil are testing their fandom knowledge against an evil computer villain from the films via Facebook Messenger. The chatbot takes the form of The Red Queen who challenges users to timed quiz regarding the plot from the films. 

Various GIFs will appear taken from the film to build an experience that reflects the film. Since she is an AI computer system, The Red Queen appears through screens, which appears as GIFs within the chat. 

The chatbot then introduces the game and users can opt in by saying an advancing phrase. The Red Queen messages users when a new game is ready. 

Once the game is over, The Red Queen shares the top players of the day. Users will also be messaged a trailer for the film to get more information. 

The game can only be played once a day. Once it is over The Red Queen says goodbye explaining that there will be a new game in 24 hours. 

Sony?s chat ends with a GIF of The Red Queen reading, ?Shutting down.? 

Chatbot messages
Chatbot marketing has come a long way and many brands are adopting the strategy. For instance, Scotch whisky marketer Johnnie Walker?s new digital mentorship program employed an on-the-go educational spin, enabling consumers to learn about the brand?s history via an Amazon Alexa skill and receive cocktail recommendations from a Facebook Messenger bot. 

The alcohol company allowed fans to receive whisky education from the comfort of their homes with its latest initiative, which seeks to bring Johnnie Walker?s history, products and heritage to life with a slew of mobile-first activations. In addition to letting fans experience its brand portfolio through an Amazon Alexa skill, Johnnie Walker rolled out a Messenger chatbot that invites Facebook users to receive a guided tasting experience, cocktail recipes and blend recommendations, all on their smartphones (see more). 

Even the Huffington Post?s entertainment division created a dialogue with readers regarding what to watch on Netflix through a chatbot that provides recommendations on Facebook Messenger. 

The pervasiveness of chatbots led many publishers to jump to Facebook Messenger and other messaging applications with their own AI solutions to create a stronger bond with consumers through a two-sided conversation. Huffington Post Entertainment hoped to be the go-to source for the well-known problem of what to watch next through an interactive chatbot that provides users with the best titles to fit their needs (see more).