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National Breast Cancer Foundation uses SMS to communicate with women

The National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. has integrated text message reminders for breast exams and mammograms into its platform of services and education.

The addition of text message reminders underscores the importance of the channel in communicating directly with women of all ages on one of the most personal devices they own. The text message alerts are powered by Catchwind.

"Think about it this way: A mobile phone is personal, but your health is even more personal," said Jamie Buelt, chief marketing and development officer at Catchwind. "The idea of getting a personal reminder on your mobile phone is really ideal - even for people who aren't normally considered texters.

"The National Breast Cancer Foundation recognizes that if they don't offer mobile reminders, they miss multiple segments of their population, especially younger women and women of color who, according to research, use their wireless phones more than Caucasians," she said.

NBCF, an organization committed to increasing awareness through education, providing diagnostic breast care services for those in need.

NBCF teamed with Catchwind as its mobile reminder platform vendor. Catchwind's mobile
reminder platform, Remind-On-Time, is completely automated and designed to help appointment-based organizations and businesses reduce no shows.

Patients, members or customers can schedule the number of reminders that they feel best fits their lives and schedules.

For example, a text reminder for an annual physical can be sent a week ahead of time as well as the day before and the morning of an appointment.

NBCF offers the use of personal mobile reminders for exams, mammograms and appointments.

"The SMS reminder is tailored to personal preferences and needs," Ms. Buelt said. "Mobile reminders offer some distinct advantages in that more people own wireless phones than computers and they have them with them most of the day.

"You cannot say that about your home phone, your computer or your mailbox," she said.

In addition to text reminders, Remind-On-Time's platform features a health concierge program called Healthy Life.

Designed to assist with meeting personal health objectives, Healthy Life sends customized text reminders for a host of health, lifestyle and wellness needs, including acclimating to new schedules for chronic conditions such as diabetes, kicking habits such as smoking and motivation for working out and making nutritious choices.

"More and more people are interested in receiving text reminders for important dates, appointments and task," Ms. Buelt said. "Remind-On-Time's platform complements other types of reminders used by National Breast Cancer Foundation such as email and calendaring, but the mobile channel is even more personal.

"People who give anyone -- marketers, brands, political candidates or health care providers -- their mobile phone number are saying, ?it's ok for you contact me on my most personal device because what you offer is meaningful, relevant and timely.'"