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Sony Music Entertainment, Portland Trail Blazers, LA Philharmonic tap Mozes for mobile campaigns

The NBA?s Portland Trail Blazers, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Sony Music Entertainment created mobile and social media campaigns with Mozes to reach younger audiences.

With Mozes Connect, brands can create mobile campaigns such as sweepstakes and spread them virally with new integrated social media features. Sony Music Entertainment ran a mobile giveaway that let fans enter for a chance to win Michael Jackson prize packs, including the newly released ?This Is It? soundtrack and DVD provided by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

?We wanted to spread the word of the mobile sweepstakes through Michael Jackson's active Facebook fan community,? said Craig Weinberg, mobile marketing and sales analyst at the commercial music group of Sony Music Entertainment, New York.

?Promoting it through Michael's Facebook and Twitter profiles allowed fans to connect with other fans by posting their entries on their own Facebook and Twitter profiles to spread the word virally of the sweepstakes.?

Sony Music Entertainment optimized Web destinations of its artists for mobile and the first mobile site rolled out was for the late King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson (see story).

Mozes provides a self-service Web platform to create, deliver and analyze the effectiveness of mobile marketing campaigns. The company also provides the services to execute the mobile campaign, as well as in-venue services for live events.

Sony said it is always looking for new and innovative ways for fans to connect with Michael Jackson's music and legacy.

The company said its goal is to creatively grow Michael Jackson's reach via mobile platforms so that fans have access to his music, news and community updates directly through their devices.

?Linking to active channels like Facebook and Twitter offers Michael Jackson fans new opportunities to opt-in and participate in engaging and fun mobile campaigns around Michael's music and the film ?This Is It,?? Mr. Weinberg said.

The Portland Trail Blazers
The Portland Trail Blazers ran a mobile promotion giving one consumer two tickets to the Feb. 1 Trail Blazers game versus the Charlotte Bobcats game. The team spread the word virally by posting message to their Twitter and Facebook pages directly from Mozes Connect.

?By having them in our Mozes mobile fan list, we're able to find another way to reach them and keep the conversation ongoing,? said Dan Harbison, director of interactive marketing and media for Portland Trail Blazers? digital entertainment division, Portland, OR.

?We have these followers on Facebook and Twitter, but really, have no great way to cut through the rest of the clutter on these sites in an immediate way,? he said.

?By having them in our mobile database, we're able to get that interaction a lot faster.?

The Trail Blazers made more than 700 mobile connections with fans, and nearly 63 percent of those who entered the contest subscribed to the mobile fan list.

The basketball team targeted tech-savvy fans under the age of 50, and 65 percent of consumers who opted-in were male.

Nearly 1,500 consumers clicked-through to enter the contest via Facebook and Twitter posts.

?Our fans are pretty passionate people and are pretty active in the online community,? said Mr. Harbison. ?This reflects on how Portland as a city is as well.

?The Trail Blazers have one of the best, if not the best, online communities for coverage of the team in all of sports,? he said. ?This helps to breed a devoted online fan base.?

The Los Angeles Philharmonic
The L.A. Philharmonic ran a mobile sweepstakes giving consumers the chance to attend its 2009 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy New Year?s Eve party with VIP treatment.

The L.A. Philharmonic promoted the content directly to their official Twitter page, using Mozes? social media features.

?We?ve found that peer-to-peer marketing is, by far, the most successful way to get the word out about one of our performances or promotions, in this case both,? said Amy Seidenwurm, director, of digital marketing for the L.A. Philharmonic, Los Angeles.

?Having our contest on an entrant?s wall and in their friends' news feed provides us instant promotion and endorsement,? she said. ?We?ve been looking for the right tools to give our supporters so that they can become evangelists for our organization.

?The Mozes social networking tools will continue to be used as part of this initiative.?
The social media marketing for the L.A. Philharmonic is aimed at an audience that is younger than its average concert attendee.

The L.A. Philharmonic said it saw a huge increase in participation across all demographic levels in the last year.

The L.A. Philharmonic said it made nearly 900 mobile connections with fans through the mobile sweepstakes.

?The immediacy of mobile is key,? Ms. Seidenwurm said. ?We get instant response to a mobile campaign and an exciting one gains momentum very quickly.

?Email and Web-based actions still work, but the response rate is significantly slower and they often take multiple impressions to spur action,? she said.