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Tigi Bed Head engages music festival guests with mobile app

Tigi Haircare recently rolled out a mobile application to interact with music, fashion and live-event content feeds from The Bed Head Hotel VIP events at musical festivals around the country.

The Bed Head Hotel mobile app presented material from a Chicago music festival Aug. 2-4 that showcased artists such as Skaters, The Orwells and Beast Patrol. Tigi partnered with Conduit Mobile to create the app, which is available for free in Apple?s App Store and Google Play.

?The strategy behind the Bed Head Hotel app, both at Miami Music Week in March and at this week?s Chicago music festival, has been to more deeply engage with Bed Head partygoers before, during and after the events by providing app users with unique content, incentives and experiences specifically for these events directly via the app,? said Li-at Karpel Gurwicz, marketing director at Conduit Mobile, Foster City, CA. 

?With the popularity of Tigi Bed Head among fashionistas and lifestyle tastemakers, the app is a natural fit for the brand's Bed Head Hotel experience,? she said.

?And with Conduit Mobile's platform offering features specifically tailored for the music and events segment, the Bed Head Hotel app is designed to be a multi-faceted engagement tool that gives users a fun and funky experience on their smartphones that connects them to the Bed Head Hotel anytime, anywhere.?

Bed Head Hotel access
The Bed Head Hotel app gives users access to VIP music concerts and lets them check out music and content feeds, news, updates and promotions.

Users can also take advantage of an interactive Bed Head Hotel mobile photo booth on the app. They can see how they look with various hairstyles, and then when they go to an event they can have an actual Bed Head hair designer turn their virtual look into a real style.

The Bed Head Hotel app also lets users look through the brand?s hair products, access a music festival?s schedule and look at artist profiles.

Additionally, users can listen to music and watch videos via the app. They can also follow Tigi's Twitter and Facebook account.

The app had a successful launch at the Miami Music Week in March, so the company decided to continue with more festivals such as the one in Chicago.

Mobile concerts
A number of other brands have also tried to integrate music festivals and concerts with mobile campaigns.

For example, Budweiser partnered with Pandora and YouTube to let fans watch and listen to the Budweiser Made in America festival in 2012 (see story).

U by Kotex took a slightly different approach to engage with Bruno Mars and American Idol concert-goers by presenting mobile polls before the concerts (see story).

Tigi Bed Head seems to be taking a more all-encompassing approach to its mobile concert initiatives.

?In today?s mobile world, consumers are turning to their phones and tablets more than ever before to search, play, shop and access content on the go,? Ms. Karpel Gurwicz said. ?That?s why it?s crucial for any business to put their brand on a mobile app and engage their customers wherever they are.

?At Conduit Mobile, we know what it takes to keep a brand like Tigi in the minds and pockets of its customers, and our goal is to provide engaging apps that connect global brands with consumers in new and exciting ways, including through lifestyle events worldwide,? she said.

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York