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Bing-sponsored, Disney-created Katy Perry app exceeds 4M downloads

With the original version having been downloaded more than 4 million times, Microsoft Corp.?s Bing renewed its commitment as the exclusive sponsor of the ?Katy Perry Revenge 2 by Bing? application.

Available as a free download for Apple?s iPhone and iPod touch, application users can check out Ms. Perry?s tour info, follow her tweets and get her song lyrics from Bing. This latest sponsored application, featuring the singer?s hits ?Firework? and ?E.T.,? is done in partnership with software developer Tapulous, a division of Disney Mobile.

?Kerry Perry Revenge by Bing was really the first time ever that Tapulous had worked with a brand to create a sponsored version of an app, and the partnership as a big success for several reasons,? said Tim O'Brien, Palo Alto-based vice president of business development at Disney Mobile.

?First, we offered fans access to Katy Perry's new single Firework one week before it debuted on the radio, for free, so there was a big incentive to download the app,? he said. ?We also made it easy for users to then link to the App Store and download Bing.?

Pop app
In addition to the free version, fans of Ms. Perry who want more songs, more content and a way to connect with other fans, Tapulous offers the Katy Perry Revenge Premium game, which is available in the App Store for $4.99.

The Katy Perry Revenge Premium application includes songs such as ?I Kissed a Girl,? ?Hot N Cold? and ?California Gurls.?

The Katy Perry Revenge Premium application was the No. 1 music game on the U.S. App Atore and a top 50 app in the U.S. App Store.

The Katy Perry Premium app, typically $4.99, is also available for free by Bing for a limited time.

New homescreen

Disney Mobile's Tapulous extended its relationship with Bing to launch the updated version of the free Katy Perry Revenge application.

Fans can access Ms. Perry's tour dates within the application.

Mobile access to concert dates

Users are exposed to an interstitial video ad featuring the Bing application for iPhone and iPod touch.

In October of 2010, Tapulous and Bing announced Katy Perry Revenge, the first sponsored app ever from Tapulous which featured the hit single "Firework" one week prior to its radio debut (see story).

?Based on the number of downloads from the first app, we knew there was a built in fan base and that these consumers were also interested in learning more about Bing,? Mr. O?Brien said.

?From a development stand point, we already had Katy Perry Revenge by Bing on the market, so it was easy to work with Bing to create an entirely new app with a different single and new content ? including a Bing video interstitial ? and still offer it to consumers for free,? he said.

Tapulous app

There have been nearly 1 million click-throughs from the Katy Perry application to the App Store to download the Bing app.

?Bing continues to partner with a number of companies on various apps for WP7, iOS, and other platforms, including last October?s Katy Perry Revenge by Bing App with Tapulous," said Wibe Wagenmans, global marketing director, Microsoft, Redmond, WA.

?Sponsoring apps similar to the Katy Perry Revenge by Bing is another innovative way to introduce Bing to iPhone customers, associate Bing with one of the most successful pop musicians, encourage Bing usage and do it in a way that?s fun and interesting," he said.

Final Take
Stefan Weitz, director of product planning for Bing at Microsoft